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Couple of months ago, a small but significant start was made in Hyderabad by few committed individuals led by Syed Imran Mehdi based in Dubai. He and his team, after some serious study and consultations with different strata of our community in Hyderabad launched an Idara which they have named as Idara e Gulshan e Mahdi AHS and one of its foremost goal is to impart the capacity of reciting the Holy Quran to the children of our community by our own teachers in our Masajids. They have other goals. Please find here below a report about this noble initiative. They requested me to release this report as I was one of the invited audience when this initiative was announced. We wish them well on this wonderful initiative and timely step.

Idara e Gulshan e Mahdi (AHS)

Where the world stands today, it presents multiple challenges to members of the Mahdavia community to maintain its high spiritual standards and safeguard their Imaan.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Faith,
As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu.
Please accept my apologies in regards to the ACCOUNT NUMBER information. Please find below correct Masjid account number.

Please call at phone number, 001914020022558, 011918686948349, 011918801028197 for further inquiries viz, Pictures of the Masjid, exact address and location.

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Sent: Sunday, 19 August 2012 11:39 AM
Subject: Eid-ul-fitar

As salam wa alaikum rehmatullahi wa berkatehu.
By the grace of almighty ALLAH we Mehdavi brothers)have offered namaze Eid-ul-fitar today by 7.15 am at Phnompenh, Cambodia.
Kindly include this message in world wide mehdavia news.


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