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Behr-e-Aam of Hazrath Bandagi Miraan Syed Shah-e-Yaqoob Hasan-e-Vilayat RZ would be performed in Jeddah on Friday night, 18th November 2011 at the residence of Janaab Syed Ali Hussain Tersees sahab in Azizia, Jeddah.

Peer-o-Murshid Hazrath Syed Mustafa Mubarak Yadullahi sahab qibla - who is on Hajj Pilgrimage, would be distributing Faiz-e-Vilayat.

Insha-Allah, Namaaz-e-Isha would be performed in congregation at 8:30pm.

Janaab Syed Ali Hussain Tersees sahab @ 0546936341

Peer-o-Murshid could be reached @ 0596218507.

Mahdavia News Service: Syed Khudabaksh Shiraz Daniyal contributed to this report


Jalsa-e-Urs of Khalifatullah Imamuna Hazrat Saiyad Muhammad, Mehdi Al-Ma'ud AHS in Monroe, SC. 

Jalsa--e-Urs of Khalifatullah Imamuna Hazrat Syed Muhammad Mahdi Al-Ma'ud AS was held on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at the residence of Syed Naveed Tashrif Ulhaq, in Monroe, NC.


Many families from North and South Carolina were again able to attend. There were Qiraat and Naat recitals and a number of informative speeches, including prepared presentations by a number of younger members.  We sincerely hope that participation by younger members will continue and increase in future events.

Falah-e-Mahdavia Society has undertaken the initiative to give financial support to deserving students (for intermediate 1st & 2nd year ) from the less privileged sections of the community and provide these students a platform to alleviate their family's economic condition and at the same time do justice to their educational excellence.

For details please contact: Falah-e-Mahdavia Society at: e-mail- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 919885657049

Mahdavia News Service: Syed Ateeq Ahmed and Taher Mohd. Saheb contributed to this report.

Bahra-e-Aam of Imamuna wo Saiyaduna Hazrat Meeran Saiyad Muhammad, Mehdi-e-Ma'ud AHS.

In Chicago at Masjid-e-Hashim, MICC on SUNDAY, 16th of OCT, 2011.

Morning Session - IJMA at 10:30 AM

Evening Session Isha Farz at 8:00 PM followed by Bahra-e-Aam.
Peer wo Murshid Hazrat Maulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla,Inshallah, will address.


Urs-e-Mubarak of Imamuna Mehdi-e-Ma'ud AHS


Ghulaman-e-Mahdi, a new group of believers in the Promised Imam Mahdi AHS , has been formed in Monroe, NC, to organize and perform religious rituals for the benefit of Mahdavis residing in the states of North and South Carolina. 

Jalsa-e-Shahadat-e-Maqsoosa Syed-ush-Shuhada, Siddiq-e-Vilayat, Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ was held on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at the residence of Syed Naveed Tashrif Ulhaq, in Monroe, NC.

The event featured a number of informative and inspiring speeches honoring the life and Shahadat (Martyrdom) of Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ. A large number of families from North and South Carolina attended.


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