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Milad-e-Mehdi AHS the birth anneversary of Hazrat Saiyad Mohammad, The Promised Mehdi was celebrated all over the world by Mehdavis.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mahdavis in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia celebrated the 585th Jashn-e-Milad-e-Imamuna Mahdi AlMaud Khalifatallah wo Mahdi Muradullah with deep respect and enthusiasm on Thursday evening 17th Jumada Awwal 1432H corresponding to 21st April, 2011.  At this holy occasion, two programs were conducted, one in the ladies section and the other in gents section. It was an awareness program in ladies section projecting Mahdavia Aqayed and an Islamic quiz competition among men and children.  These programs were conducted and organized by Falah-e-Mahdavia Society at a functional hall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Hazrat Syed Yaqoob Sahab Secunderabadi and Janab Mohammed Shahabuddin Sahab also attended the function.  These two guests are on a visit to Saudi Arabia from Hyderabad.

Milad-e-Mehdi AHS Quiz

On the auspicious occasion of 585th birthday of our beloved Imamuna Hazarat Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri Mahdi Al-Maud(AS), Farah committee is conducting an online quiz competition for the children in the gulf region, helping them learn the teachings of Imamuma and motivate them through this competition




Jashn-e-Milad-un-Nabi SAS was religiously organized and celebrated by Falah-E-Mehdavia Society (FMS) Riyadh Chapter on 14 Rabi-Ul-Awwal, i.e Thursday 17 February 2011, after Maghrib Prayers at a function hall in Riyadh.

Jalsa started with the beautiful recitation of Holy Quran by Janab Syed Nusrath Aziz Sahab followed by Nath by Ms.Syeda Mehreen Fathima d/o Syed Ateeq Ahmed. Later Janab Mohammed Zafar Siddique Sahab (FMS), Janab Syed Noor Nadeem Sahab and Janab Mohammed Anwar Iqbal Sahab presented beautiful and soul rendering ‘Nath-e-Rasool SAS in their unique styles.

Janab Mohammed Ajmal Ahmed Siddiqui Sahab, Janab Syed Ateeq Ahmed Sahab (FMS), Taher Mohammed Sahab (Dammam) addressed the gathering. Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem Sahab (Vice-President FMS, Riyadh Chapter) was Sadr-e-Jalsa, he stressed on everyone to be truthful in the path of Allah SWT, in the love of His Deen, for His Messenger SAS and to follow the true teachings. Janab Syed Ali Najmuddin alias Shaheen Bhai and Janab Syed Anwar Iqbal Sahab were 'Nigrankaar-e-Jalsa'. The event came to end with a note of thanks by Janab Syed Mehmood Sahab (Treasurer FEMS). Janab Syed Ali Ehteshamuddin Sahab Showkat compered the event beautifully. An important news which was published in Siasat Urdu Daily dated 15 feb 2011 was read in the gathering by Janab Mohammed Zafar Siddique Sahab (FMS) and a resolution was also passed by FMS, which would be forwarded to the President of Markazi Anjuman-e-Mehdavia by the India based founder president of Falah-e-Mehdavia Society Riyadh chapter, (FMS).

After the Jalsa the Isha prayers were offered in the imamate of Janab Syed Mehmood Sahab (FMS) followed by Dinner (Allah diya). Separate arrangements were made for ladies.

Absence of Janab Syed Yousuf Tanveer Sahab (founder President of FMS), who is currently residing in India, was felt by one and all. He is known for his humbleness, strong characters, morals and above all his patience and practice (Amal).

Mahdavia News Service: Report contributed by Taher Md. Saheb

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