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Just a few weeks before Eid-ul-Azha, a team of volunteers led by SM Jawad from Hyderabad, India, came up with an idea to perform Qurbani (Sacrifice an animal on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha) on behalf of those living in foreign countries ( who cannot perform the Qurbani) and distribute the Meat and cash to the deserving families in different clusters of Mahadvia community in India.

The idea was well received and some members living in foreign countries sent their request to perform Qurbani on their behalf. Inshallah, the response to this noble cause will be manifold and we hope this activity will be expanded to other areas of India next year.

Kudos to all the volunteers, may Allah reward you for the services in this world and hereafter.


Below is the report by Br. SM Jawad from Hyderabad, India.


As Salam Alaikum

By Grace of Almighty Allah SWT the Qurbani program went Alhamdulillah pretty smoothly and achieved its purpose. Jazakallah Khair to all those who participated in it, to those who appreciated it, to those who volunteered and executed this program in a most humble, dedicated, passionate manner with sincerity and responsibly. We highly appreciate the help extended by many in Hyderabad, Lalgarhi, Ghatkesar, Channapatna, Bhadravati (Shimoga district, Karnataka), Humnabad, Pindiyal and Jaipur.

Mahdavia.com wishes you a blessed Eid-ul-Azha


Muslims all over the world are celebrated the festival of Eid-ul-Azha ( Eid-ul-Adha or Bakr Eid) with religious fervour.  Second only in importance to Ramadan, it is a time of feasting and family get-togethers, gift giving and special prayers that commemorate Prophet Abraham's near-sacrifice of his son to prove his obedience to Allah

Eid-ul-Azha is traditionally observed every year on the 10th day of the month of Zul Hijja on the lunar Islamic calendar at the end of the Hajj - or the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia - which all Muslims who are financially able are required to perform at least once in their lifetimes.

In our last News Letter (e-Note) dated 10/27/2010, date of Urs-e-Mubark of Imamuna Mehdi Al-Ma’ud AHS was wrongly shown as 28th of Zul Qada, whereas the correct date of Bahr-e-Aam  is 18th of Zul Qada and the date of Urs-e-Mubarak is 19th of  Zul Qada. We apologize for the mistake.


It is the policy of Mahdavia Portal to correct significant errors as soon as possible.



Large number of members of Mahdavia Community attend the Bahra-e-Aam and Urs Mubarak (anniversary of demise) of Imamuna wo Saiyaduna Meeran Hazrat Saiyad Muhammad Mahdi Al-Ma'ud, the Promised Mehdi may Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon him, at different clusters of the community around the world including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India.

Farah Mubarak, Afghanistan
Zaireen (Pilgrims) from India performed the Bahra-e-Aam on the 18th and Urs on 19th of Zul Qada at the Mausoleum of Imamuna wo Saiyaduna Meeran Hazrat Saiyad Mohammad, the Promised Mehdi, Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him, located near Farah in Afghanistan. Large numbers of locals also have attended both the events.


Chicago, USA

Masjid-e-Hashim - MICC was packed to capacity with the faithful Mahdavis on the occasion of Bahra-e-Aam on the 18th of Zul Qada (Wednesday, 27th Oct., 2010). In spite of bad weather and high winds many people came from near by suburbs as well as far-off places including New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin,  Ohio, Michigan and  Kentucky.

Jalsa-e-Urs, which was organized on Friday, 29th October, 2010, was also well attended. The Proceedings started after the Niaz (Dinner) after Isha prayers. Mr.Zubari Ali Khan, Mr. Jawad Ali Khan, Mr. Shiraz Mohd. Khan (Coordinator Youth Program), Mr. Syed Shah Ibrahim and Mr. Rahmat Ali Khan (President MICC) addressed the gathering. Dr. Khaled Lateef and Mr. Syed Pervez Yadullah Mehdi presented Mankhebat.   The Jalsa came to an end after the Sermon of Peer wo Murshid Hazrat Maulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla followed by the Tasbeeh.

Video of the Jalsa will, Inshallah, be posted on this site shortly.

 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

On behalf of the Community Members of Jeddah, we congratulate all the organizers/committees, who organized Urs-e-Mubarak of Imamuna Mehdi Maud AHS worldwide.

ALHAMDULILLAH, by the Grace and Mercy of Almighty Allah & Blessings of Khatemain AHS, Urs-e-Mubarak of Khalifatullah, Mubbayine Kalaamullah, Masoom-Anil-Khataa, Humsar-e-Mohammed RasoolAllah (SAWS), Meeran Hazrath Syed Mohammed, Al Mehdi Al Maud AHS, was organized in Jeddah on Thursday Night, 28th October 2010, at the residence of Mr. Syed Ali Hussien Tersees , in Azizia-Jeddah.


521st Anniversary of Demise (Urs-e-Mubarak) Of Imamuna wo Saiyaduna Meeran Hazrat Saiyad Mohammad, Mehdi Al-Ma'ud AHS on the 18th of Zul Qada 1431H.

The Promised Mehdi, Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him, said that:


 "An Intense Love of God is obligatory for every man and woman."

 " Allah Ka Ishq Her Murd Aur Aurat Per Farz Hai."


"Ma Ra Baraye Deedan-e-Yaar Afreeda And
Wagr Na Wujoode Ma Ba Ch Kaar Afreeda And."


" We have been created for the Vision of our Beloved (God),
Otherwise what is the purpose of creating us."


" Hamen Allah Ko Dekhn'e Ke Liye Paida Kiye Hain
 Warna Hamara Wajood Kis Liya Kiyay Hain."




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