Friday December 14 2018 , Rabbi al-Sani 7 1440

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                              Ziqada 26 - Urs Hz Bandagi Malik Syed Shah Burhanuddin RA


The Urs of Hz Bandagi Malik Syed Burhanuddin RA is on 26th Ziqad. He is the well-known author of more than 300 books including ‘Shawahid al-Vilayat, Daftar Awwal and Duwwam etc. He is also referred as ‘Imam-e-Ghazali RA’ of Mehdavia community.

No doubt every type of flower has its own beauty and fragrance, when different flowers are collected together the bunch gives more frangrance along with beauty. Tafaseer (commentary of Quran) has a very important role in understanding some of the esoteric meanings in Quran, where as the understanding of a layman / common man is limited and fails at many places.

                      Ramzan 12 – URS, Haz. Bandagi Miyan Peer MohammedRZ
The Urs of Haz. Bandagi Miyan Peer MohammedRZ is on 12 Ramzan. He is son of Haz. Bandagi Miyan Malik Illahdad Khalifa GrohRZ, belonged to the famous tribe of Bariwals, the maternal side of Haz. Bandagi Miyan Syed KhundmirRZ “Siddiq-e-Vilayath”. 
During his earning “kasab” days Haz. Khalifa GrohRZ used to be in seclusion and for that purpose he would make excuses like going for hunting days long etc. Once Haz. Khalifa GrohRZ had gone outside and during that time his wife Bibi MaimonaRZ delivered a boy and it happened that his children did not lived long and died in infancy. So his wife thought a vali named Imam MehdiAS is here so let us ask him to supplicate for this infant’s long life, so she sent the infant along with the midwife in the feet of ImamunaAS.

Ramzan 10- Bahr-e-Aam, Haz. Bandagi Miyan Syed Shareef TashreefullahRZ 
Ramzan 11- URS, Haz. Bandagi Miyan Syed Shareef TashreefullahRZ (Jalgaun, Jamood)
This humble article is dedicated to ‘Allamatul Asar’ Asad-Ul-Ulema’ Peer-O-Murshid Haz. Moulana Miyan Abu Sayeed Syed Mahmood Sahab TashreefullahiRA alias ‘Murshid Miyan Sahab’ of Kachiguda-founder General Secretary ‘The Majlis-E-Ulema-E-Mehdavia-E-Hind’ and the erstwhile ‘Darsgah Jaanashinan-E-Sajjadegan-E-Mehdavia’.

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