Milad un Nabi SAS



        Milad un Nabi SAS means the Birthday of the Prophet  SAS whose advent brought the world from the darkness of polytheism into the light of monotheism.

          Teachings of all earlier prophets were almost forgotten at the time of his arrival. Quran, the Last Book of God was revealed through him. 
He revived the universal moral values which were almost forgotten by the mankind. His advent was infact the greatest Divine Favor to the mankind.

             To remember his message and his great life which was a model for all the human beings on this day, is a way of paying our humble tributes to him.     

  How to celebrate this great day?

     The best way  perhaps would be  to follow his teachings and to make a firm resolve to keep following them for the rest of our life.This may infact, would be the right way of thanks-giving to Our Lord.


           Our Lord, the Almighty Himself explains to us in the following verse that He has done a great favor to the believers by sending his messenger to them.

          "Laqad  mannallaahu  'alal Mu-miniina 'iz  ba -'asa fihim Rasuulan-min 'anfusihim yatluu 'alayhim 'Aayaatihii wa yuzakkiihim wa yu-'allimuhumul Kitabaa  wal-Hikmata wa 'in kaanuu min-qablu lafii  zalaalim mubiin"

      "God was indeed gracious to the faithful, when He raised up for them an apostle out of thier own people, who 
rehearses to them His revelations  and reforms them and instructs them in the Book and its objective-and hitherto  they were in a state of rank ignorance."

 It will be very unfortunate if we fail to offer our humble thanks for this great favor since thanking God for His favors  has been ordained by God Himself 

                " Faz -kuruunii 'az-kurkum washkuruu lii wa laa takfu ruun"
         "So remember Me, and I shall remember you and give Me thanks, and be not ungrateful."
    To remember our beloved Prophet and to remind ourself of his teachings is the best way of celebrating this great day in the history of mankind .
            May Allah SWT make us observe this day in the manner befitting the respect  of this Beloved Prophet of God .