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Management As Taught 500 Years Ago


I was really shocked when I reviewed the subjects of management being taught by Business Management Institutions like IITs, IIMs Colleges and other schools of managements & institutions. When I go in detail about that management subjects, I was really astonished to know that what these modern IITs & IIMs are teaching about management subjects as on date, were being taught by our beloved The PromisedMehdi, Imamuna Hazrat Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri Mahdi Al Maud (AS) 500 years back.



All Mahdavi community as a whole should be proud that we have such an intellectual leader Imamuna Hazrat Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri Mahdi Al Maud (AS) who acquired such an advance knowledge at that time when there was no concept of school prevails. At that time, neither proper schools were there nor proper planning of education was there and apart from that education awareness was also lacking. In other words there was no education concept during the period our beloved Imamuna Hazrat Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri Mahdi Al Maud (A.S.) and in that period he has taught the management subject in practical.


In today’s management studies they teach from where the money comes, where it goes and how to utilize it. This concept was adopted practically by our beloved Mahdi Al Maud (AS) 500 years back. In old days there were DAIRAS and all the Mahdavi community was living within this Dairas. The Dairas were headed by a Murshid and he was supervising the activities and administration of Dairas. The money was given to Murshad by way of Allaha Diya and he used to preserve that money. As the Murshid was having an eagle eye on the diara, he knew the situation of each and every person in that vicinity for example who is the needy person and who has not taken his/her meals for how many days etc. Depending upon the person’s need and requirements, Murshid was helping his colleague by giving certain amount by saying Allaha Diya. That means he was distributing the money in Dairas depending upon the need and requirement and rest of money he was keeping with him and that money was utilized in case of emergency only. This process was called as NIZAM-E-DAIRA.


In today’s management studies they are teaching the same financial management, whereas our beloved Imamuna Hazrat Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri Mahdi Al Maud (A.S.) has put this thing into practical some 500 years back. In view of the above fact, it implies that our Imamuna Hazrat Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri Mahdi Al Maud (A.S.) was having modern thinking, good planning and implementing the administration in a better way.


All Mahadavi community should have proud that we are not only following the path of our Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Rasullaha (SAS) but also we are adopting the modern system and administration under Islamic rules and shariyats.


Writer of this article  ZIYAUDDIN NIZAMUDDIN SAIYED is from Baroda, Gujrat, India, presently living in Middle East he can be reached through e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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+3 #2 Rasheed Khundmiri 2011-07-30 07:44
Assalamoalekum. ..... kiya wajah hai ki IMAMUL KAINAATH QALIFATHULALLAH HUMSIR RASOOLALLAH MURAD ALLAH HZ SYED MOHAMMED JOUNPURI MAHDI AL MAUD (SLM) ki TALEEMATH(ALLAH MIYA KAY AHKAMATH) ko ab duniyavi cheezon say milaya ja raha hai ab kiya hamay yeh her roz yaad karna padhay ga kay humara duniya may aanay ka maqsad sirf aur sirf ALLAH RAB UL ALAMEEN kay DEEDAR kay lea, apnay MALIK ki qushnodi aur dosti kay lea howa hai na kay business tycoon ya great system administration ya duniya may ala muqaam hasil karnay kay lea ? sahi hai sub duniyadari may lagay hain per kiya hamay ab is ahsaas ko bhi maardayna chahea kay HER CHEEZ JO ALLAH AUR USKAY BANDON KAY DARMIYAN AYEA WOH KUFR HAI yani duniya dari KUFR hai ? VILAYETH(ALLAH SAY QURBATH) ki taleem may say hai kay jo bhi karo ALLAHWASTAY, jio ALLAHWATAY MARO ALLAHWASTAY aur kuch bhi mango ALLAHMIYA SAY yahan tak kay ALLAH SAY USKI ZATH KAY SIWA KUCH NA MANGO. ALLAHMIYA JO RIZQ (HALAL TAYEB) BHEJAY WOH ISTAYMAAL KIYEA warna FAQON MAY SHAHEED HOGAYEA - MASHALLAH , jo apni sari zindagi aur aqirath ALLAHMIYA ki MARZI per sonp dea unkay yahan kiya "PLANNING" hoti hai ? - Khudahafiz
+3 #1 Mabroor Khundmiri 2011-07-30 02:52
Waaste allah k remove the topic "Management subject taught by Mahdi(A.S)". I fail to understand the feelings of the author regarding the management or Imamuna alihim us salam. Why is he trying to compare a religious thought with current day wordly studies??? there is no backing to the Topic and it seems completely vague... Agarche aapko batana he k Imamuna ki talimaat aaj k Aala madarse(College s/Institutions) se behtar he to aap use sai tareeque se dalail k saath pesh karo.. ek chote bache ki suni sunai baat ki tarha nahi.. Imaamuna allah ki ibaadat o amal e afzal me apna saara waqt guzaarte the aur unko ye duniyavi taalim dene wale madarso se mila kar hum behurmat kar rahe he... Guzarish he k ye article yahan se delete karde kyu ki isse koi ruhaani sukoon ya dili itminaan ka ehsaas nai hota ulte bewakufi ki baat ki ja rahi he aisa ehsaas hota he.. Didnt mean to offend anyone and Regret any embarressment caused. The isnt referring to the current day situation of the diaras, had he said that it wouldnt be offensive but when he is talking about the time of Imamuna alaihimus salaam, i feel wordly crap should be kept aside..


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