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  "And say not of those who are killed in the way of Allah SWT,
'They are Dead' Nay, they are living, but you perceive (it) not.                   Holy Qur'an -2:154

Think not of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead.
Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision.           
Holy Qur'an     3:169

Shawal 11 – Bahr-e-Aam, Hz Ganj Shuhada RA (i.e) Kabadi Ki Bahr-e-Aam (930H, Khambel, Gujrat, India)

Shawal 12 – Urs Mubarak, Hz Ganj Shuhada RA (930H, Khambel, Gujrat, India)

Friday 12th Shawal 930H (i.e 13th August 1524 CE):

On the first day of the Battle of Badr-e-Vilayath approximately 40 / 41 Fuqara RZ who were posted as security for the women and children of the Daira were martyred. These fuqara were unarmed and were in the precincts of the daira and not a single one crossed the limitline, which was drawn on the Ground by their Murshid Syed-Ush-Shuhada Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir Siddiq-e-Vilayath RZ, 2nd Khalifa of Imamuna Mehdi-e-Maoud AS.


It is to be noted that not a single fuqara was martyred in the first day of the battle on the battle ground, but many were injured. The soldiers who lost the battle while retreating saw these unarmed fuqara in the Daira and started shooting arrows on them and on provocation also none of the fuqara went outside the borderline drawn by Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ and all of them silently died in the precincts. Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ gave great Basharath’s of Deedar-e-Ilahi in favor of all these martyred Fuqara.

Hazrat Bandagi Miyan RZ then led the funeral prayers of these martyrs and buried them in one big grave. These martyrs gave a clear-cut example for the future generations to follow the words of the Murshid in life for a meaningful death and attain the ultimate aim.

The martyrs (Shuhada) of the 1st Battle are:

1- Miyan Syed Yaqub RA (Son-in-Law of Qazi Khan)

2- Miyan Shahji Wasiji RA (of Near Ahmedabad)

3- Miyan Tajun RA (of Asawal near Bharuch)

4- Miyan Tajuddin Jalori RA

5- Miyan Hassamuddin Patni RA

6- Miyan Qutubuddin Bin Rafiuddin RA

7- Miyan Kala Bin Yusuf RA (Brother of Miyan Valiji ‘Ghazi RA, Author of Insaf Namah)

8- Miyan Peer Mohammed Bin Miyan Atha RA

9- Miyan Peer Mohammed Multani RA

10- Miyan Hassamuddin Mazhandran RA

11- Miyan Ahmed Bin Shamman (Shamsuddin) RA

12- Miyan Qasim Bin Shamman RA

13- Miyan Mehmood Bangali RA

14- Miyan Mehmood Mehrtaraash RA

15- Miyan Khan Kamangar RA

16- Miyan Suleman Jalori RA

17- Miyan Haji Suleman Sindhi RA

18- Miyan Bahauddin Hindustani RA

19- Miyan Atan RA Bin Miyan Bhai Mahajir RZ

20- Miyan Bhai Mangalori (kathiawad) RA

21- Miyan Bada Bin Yusuf RA

22- Miyan Shahji Siyah (Miyan Shaikhji Siyah) RA

23- Miyan Sa’dan Hindustani (real name Saaduddin) RA

24- Miyan Ibrahim Hindustani RA

25- Miyan Yusuf RA (brother of Miyan Ali RA)

26- Miyan Badu RA

27- Miyan Laad RA (of Dabhoi)

28- Miyan Syed Hussan Muzayyan Jalori RA

29- Miyan Adhan Hindustani RA (real name Sadathullah)

30- Miyan Chatha Baluch RA (real name Shahtaj)

31- Miyan Peerji Jamshed RA

32- Miyan Shamsuddin Hindustani RA

33- Miyan Kamaluddin Hindustani RA

34- Miyan Allauddin Dilwani RA

35- Miyan Ibrahim Bin Raajun RA (real name Raaj Mohammed)

36- Miyan Hassan Bin Feroz RA

37- Miyan Hassan Bin Ali RA

38- Miyan Jamaluddin Hindustani RA

39- Miyan Malikji Wasiji RA

40- Miyan Abdullah Multani RA

41- Miyan Ibrahim Multani RA

[Allah may bless them all]

These names are available as per documentation.
If any error or discrepancy of facts / names etc occurs in the above short work, then this khadim sincerely apologises for the same.

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