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Shah-e-Dilawar Rz

Ziqad 1- Bahr-e-Aam of Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ

Ziqad 2- URS of Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ

5th Khalifa of Imamuna Mehdi-E-Maoud Alaihis Salam (945H, Borkheda, Chalis Gaon, Maharashtra, India).


This article is dedicated to a respected elder of the community, the late faqeer Hz Syed Ashraf Sahab Dilawary RA of Bangalore , Karnataka. He was a known personality among the Channapatna and Bangalore based Mahdavia community due to his sincerity towards practicing religion, he practiced what he preached until he breathed his last on 30 Sha’ban 1417 Hijri (10 Jan 1997 CE). He set an example for his children in many ways, he was attached with religious activities of the community. Today all his 5 sons, Dr. Syed Saifuddin Khaled, Syed Sirajuddin Javid, Engr Syed Moinuddin Shahed, Syed Ziauddin Zahed and Syed Najmuddin Amjad are also doing their best in their own way.


Concise Biography of Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ:

He is the fifth eminent Khalifa of Imamuna Mehdi AS. He was a prince and belonged to the Royal family of Gaur ( Bengal ). He was about 12 years of age, was very good looking and handsome. After winning the war he was taken by the ruler of Jaunpur Sultan Hussain Shah Sharqi due to his looks and royal personality and was given to his issueless sister Princess Saleema Khatoon. Like her brother she was also religious and Allah fearing lady, and was a follower of Imamuna AS. From beginning Hz Shah Dilawar RZ was inclined towards religious matters and was always found in deep thought. It is said that once, while he was asleep he heard the words 'La ilaha illa Allah’ (There is no god but Allah). After this incident he lost all interest in worldly affairs and use to spend hours in silence and seclusion. The royal family thought some evil might have happened to him and to heal and save him the prince was presented in the audience of Hz Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri Mehdi AS in the year 886H, i.e 1481 CE. During that time Imamuna AS was 39 years old.


When he was brought before Imamuna AS , he observed and said, 'This is not Dilawar, but Shah Dilawar, he is my favourite and Allah's favourite'. From then onwards he was called ‘Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ’ he was adopted by Mehdi AS and he became a member of the holy family. When Imamuna AS was 40 years he started migration from Jaunpur and Hz Shah Dilawar RZ was one among the 17 persons in that holy group of migrants.


In 887H, i.e May 1482 AD, Imamuna AS was 41 years and was in migration: Imamuna AS was staying at Danapur (Near Patna, Bihar), here Hz Bibi Ilahdadi RZ wife of the Imamuna AS did tasdiq, followed by Hz Syed Mahmood ‘Sani-e-Mehdi’ RZ eldest son of the Imamuna AS, soon after the Zuhr (afternoon) prayers Hz Shah Dilawar RZ did the tasdiq of Imamuna AS and became his disciple ‘Murid'. Imam AS welcomed him and while making him murid he placed his hand on the hand of Hz Shah Dilawar RZ saying these words thrice, 'Muridullah ho jao, Muridullah ho jao, Muridullah ho jao.'


Soon after the acknowledgement, Imamuna AS preached ZIKR-E-KHAFI (concealed recitation) to him, Hz Shah Dilawar RZ was overwhelmed by the sublime spiritual experience and went into divine ecstasy (entered a spiritual trance) and was unable to move physically. It is said that his heart became so enlightened, that Allah SWT made everything clearly visible to him of this entire universe right from the depths of earth to the highest heaven. Regarding him 'Imam Mahdi (AS) said, you are an ahl-e-dil (man of the heart or one who knows the hidden truth).


In the condition of spiritual trance he was unable to move, so he was not able to accompany Imamuna AS on his onward Hijrath journey, therefore he was left at Danapur under the care of Hz Miyan Durraj RA and some friends in the Mosque of Miyan Durraj RA at Danapur. Imamuna AS left Danapur and continued migration went to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj Pilgrimage and returned to Gujarat , and stayed in Ahmedabad. One day Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ suddenly regained consciousness after 7 long years and smelt a pleasant perfume and said, 'lt is the perfume of my Master, the Mahdi AS'. Suddenly he started walking following that pleasant smell of Imamuna AS and reached Ahmedabad in 11 days and appeared before Imamuna Mahdi AS in (Jamadi-Us-Sani 903H, i.e DEC, 1497 CE, Imamuna AS was 56 Years).


It is said, after 16 years of paralyse suddenly Hz Shah Dilawar RZ started walking briskly and it was hard for Hz Miyan Durraj RA to keep pace with him, so he told not to worry and said, follow my foot steps you will not get lost, he did as told and he came along with Hz Shah Dilawar RZ by following his foot steps and met Imamuna AS.


From then on, Hz Shah Dilawar RZ accompanied lmamuna AS throughout his life. After the passing away of Imamuna AS he served the Aaqa Zaadeh HZ Bandagi Miran Syed Mehmood ‘Sani-E-Mehdi’ RZ, 1st Khalifa and eldest son of Imamuna AS until his demise. Later on due to his efforts the second marriage of Hz Bibi Fatima RZ noble daughter of Imamuna AS was performed with Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ the 2nd Khalifa of Imamuna AS (it was on a bisharath of Imamuna AS) and later on again served Khuzadeh the Grand Son of Imamuna AS ‘Shah Zadah-e-Vilayath’ Shajarathul Murshideen Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ, father of Barah Bani Israil.


Regarding Hz Saha Dilawar RZ, Imamuna AS said, ‘Miyan Dilawar RZ is 'Aalam-e-Dil', 'Daftar-e-Dil', Dayanath Dar. Further Imamuna AS said, Apart from God nobody recognises this Banda and Miyan Dilawar RZ.


Imam Mahdi (AS) is narrated to have said, 'Get the dreams and reveries you see after this servant (banda) interpreted by Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ). Miyan Dilawar (RZ) is ahl-e-dil (man of the Heart). He is daftar-e-dil (record of the Heart). Everything between the Empyrean and the nether regions of the earth is visible to him like a grain of mustard on the palm of his hand.'


It is said that Hz Shah Dilawar RZ desired to get martyred in Imamuna AS. In response Imam Mahdi (AS) is narrated to have said, 'O Miyan Dilawar (RZ), Sword will not effect on you also as on this servant of Allah'.


It is to note that Hz Shah Dilawar RZ is the only Khalifa who did not leave Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ after much persuasion also, unlike other eminent Companions RZ, who after lot of persuasion accepted to separate and establish their Daira’s on a distance that can be covered in one-day walk. Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ excused himself and said 'the eminent companions RZ were already spreading the word of Imamuna AS' he begged to remain at the feet of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ. He pleaded in this manner 'For the sake of your love to Allah, do not ask me to go away from you'. Hz Sani-e-Mehdi Rz did not appoint anyone as his successor in his lifetime, at the time of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ burial Hz Miyan Syed Salamullah RZ (his maternal uncle) lamented that there is no khalifa to Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ his children is young, on hearing this Hz Shah Dilawar RZ said, he never parted his company under him and he is the Khalifa of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ and moreover he was 5th eminent Khalifa of Imamuna AS also.


Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ, established many daira’s, his first daira was in Ahmedabad which grew quickly then he migrated to Patan, again from here he migrated and established Daira’s in Jalor, Santej, Bhangar, then he turned his migration towards Deccan (Maharashtra) and established his Daira at Chichound, Ahmednagar. His last Daira and abode is in Borkheda, and here he left this mortal world on 2nd Ziqada 944H /1538 at the ripe old age of 80/84 years. Borkheda is situated in the west of Aurangabad near Chalisgaon in Maharashtra . On his funeral Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Abdur Rahman RZ (son of Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Nizam RZ) led the 'Namaz-e-Janaza' funeral prayers.


Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ declared, 'My Janasheen 'Successors' will be from the fuqara, there is no Janasheeni and Murshidi for my children, so it is not being given to them.


There were 1400 Fuqara in his Daira, in the night when the Tahajjuth prayers were offered hardly one use to know about the other offering the Tahajjuth prayer and the naubath was observed strictly. Among all fuqara twelve were his Khulafa and they received the glad tidings of Paradise 'Khathai Jannathi' (as per a farman of Imamuna AS ).


Imam Mahdi (AS) is narrated to have said, 'O Miyan Dilawar (RZ), In your presence too twelve persons will be given glad tidings as twelve persons are given glad tidings in our presence.' Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar's (RZ) twelve bearers of glad tidings are as follows:


Miyan Abdul Karim Nuri (RA), Miyan Abdul Malik Sujawandi (RA), Miyan Yusuf (RA), Miyan Waziruddin (RA), Qazi Abdullah (RA), Miyan Abdu Shah Rumi (RA), Miyan Abdul Jaleel Mughal (RA), Shaikh Miyan (RA), Miyan Aman (RA), Miyan Shekhu (RA), Miyan Abu Muhammad (RA) and Miyan Zainuddin (RA). (May Allah have mercy on all of them).


Hz Miyan Abdul Malik Sujawandi (RZ) one of his Khalifa was a great Alim, and the author of 'Siraj al Absar' and many other books and booklets written in reply to some Anti-Mehdavi Ulemas as establishing and providing the Proof by Quran, Hadis and Sunnath.


Imam Mahdi (AS) is narrated to have told Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ), 'Whatever has happened before us will happen before you also.'


Imam Mahdi (AS) is narrated to have said, 'The bounty (faiz) of Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) will flow and run till the Day of Resurrection is established.'


Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir (RZ) saw in a reverie that there were seven Muzaffars and the hairs of their heads were in his hands. He told the details of the reverie to Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ). The Shah (RZ) said, 'The interpretation of this dream should depend on its meaning. On account of you, seven generations of Muzaffar have been deprived of iman. You have to kill and be killed.' In Kalam-e-Qudsi Allah says, 'O Muhammad (SLM), I exist and you exist. And whatever other than you exists, I have created it for you.' Prophet Muhammad (SLM) said, 'O Allah, You exist and I do not exist…


Bandagi Miyan Hz Shah Dilawar (RZ) did not deliver his speeches (discourses, Bayan) explaining Quran without a parda (a screen) between him and the female audience. One day Hz Shah Dilawar RZ was invited for Bayan-E-Quran in the Royal Palace by Princess Raje Muradi and Princess Raje Sone, the Mehdavi sister’s of Sultan Mehmood Begda the ruler of Gujrath. While he was delivering the Bayan in the Palace these Mehdavi sisters out of humbleness and to seek the bounty of salvation they removed the screen placed in between and humbly requested him to put a glance on them, and said ‘You are a Migrating and Eminent Sahabi of Imamuna AS and your glance would be a source of salvation for us’. Hz Shah Dilawar RZ immediately covered his face with Chadar (a cloth) and said, This is violating Shariat (Islamic Code of Law). I will not deliver my speech in front of the Na-Mahrum women (women without blood relationship) without a screen. He said if the screen is not installed then this Banda will go away. After this, the screen was installed immediately and then Hz Shah Dilawar RZ opened his eyes and started the Bayan.


It is narrated that once Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar's (RZ) was performing wazu ablution, an unknown person with enmity in heart came from behind with a sword to attack him. The attacker lifted the sword to attack from behind but he found his right hand was paralyzed then he tried to lift the sword with his left hand and found his left hand too got paralyzed he was dumb stuck and aghast then he came forward and fell on the feet of Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar's (RZ) and did repentance.


A scholar told Imam Mahdi (AS) that the glory of Imam Mahdi (AS) of the Last Era was that he would express the entire purport of the Kalam of Allah (Quran) in one verse. The Imam (AS) asked Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) to answer the question. The Shah (RZ) quoted Allah as saying in Quran, So know that there is no god but Allah… (S. 47: 19 SAL). The Shah (RZ) also said that this Verse was the purport of the whole Kalam of Allah.'


It is narrated that Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) had kept a leather bag (mushk) at his house. He used to supply water to the houses of the handicapped (ma'zoor) at night.


Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) is narrated to have said, 'There are three fires for a mumin (believer) in this world: the fire of ishq (love); the fire of faqa (hunger); and the fire of tegh (sword). The fourth is of the fire of dozakh (Hell) in the Hereafter. Hence, the mumin, who does not burn in any one of these three fires of this world, will certainly burn in the Fire of the Hereafter.'


Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) married a girl from the family of Shah Alam (RA). The Bibi (RZ) often used to mention the name of Shah Alam (RA). Shah Dilawar (RZ) once told her, 'There are many shah Alams in our daira. Why do you take pride in repeating the name of Shah Alam?'


Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) is narrated to have said, 'If you have the strength to remain hungry for three days, do not eat and feed the children, because they do not know tawakkal (trust in and dependence on Allah). The children, the guests and the animals do not know tawakkal.'


When the time of demise was nearing, Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) was suffering great pain in his stomach. His companions asked about the reason for the pain. The Shah (RZ) said that due to the negligence of women (who cooked food) some food that was in the right of fuqara had gone into his stomach without his knowledge and Allah had appointed two angels who were removing some flesh from the stomach. Hence the pain, as the angels are removing the flesh.


Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) is narrated to have said that he supplicated Allah Most High, 'Do not give worldly well-being to the members of my family. Give them qut-la-yamut (food enough to save them from death).' Allah Most High accepted the supplication.


Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar (RZ) is narrated to have said, 'The soil of both Bhilot and Borkheda desires that this servant (of Allah) be buried there. Allah knows whose desire will be fulfilled.' Later, Shah Dilawar RZ died and was laid to eternal rest at Borkheda.


Khaksar-O-Khadim, Groh-E-Mehdavia,

Taher Md. Saheb

S/o Mohammed Saheb (Vice-President Idara Tableegh-E-Mehdavia, Musheerabad)

Dammam, K.S.A.

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