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How to Welcome the Islamic New Year

       Traditionally, we do not celebrate the New Year day with lot of pomp, noise and fun because the coming of the New Year makes us a little sober. Indeed it is a time to pause and reflect about our deeds during the past year. We remember and repent all our misdeeds and very humbly thank Our Lord for the good deeds we were able to perform during the year.


       A sincere “Stock-Taking” of our deeds, good and bad, is necessary for us on account of the ambition of our life. Our ambition in life as per our faith is to get closer and closer to Our Lord, Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta-ala, by making His Love more and more firm and deeper in our heart. After all the ultimate goal of our life is to seek His Vision within this life time (which is so limited).



       One full year is quite a long time and very precious time. It has already passed .It is not going to come back. We have already lost it forever. Now is the time to look to the New Year with fresh hopes and aspirations. It holds invaluable opportunities for us to strive and achieve our goals. Hence it is the most proper time to make new and firm resolve to move forward on the Straight Path (Siraat-e-Mustaqim) which may take us to our destination.

 Our beloved Imam, The Promised MehdiAS said that

                 "Makhluq (people created by Allah) looks at the (crescent moon) and rejoices. It should not rejoice. In fact, they should cry and feel sorry that life is being wasted and death is coming closer. Why do the people not curse (malamat) themselves? Why do they not repent?"


    Therefore, the turn of the year is the time to find out where we stand on the way of our pursuit of God.

 Moreover, the month of Muharram begins with the memory of martyrdom of the Second Caliph of the Prophet Syeduna Hazrat Omar Farooq Rz. Then, on the 10th of Muharram comes the sad memories of the cruelest murders of the beloved grandson of the Prophet, Syeduna Imam Hussain Rz along with his family members and companions.

       In the whole of the Ummah of the Prophet SAS, there may be a few people who hold grudge and enmity against the family members of the Holy Prophet SAS and therefore they rejoice at the martyrdom of Imam Hussain Rz and members of his family. (May God save us from this kind of Transgression --Zulm).

       All of these things compel us to make a firm resolve to practice the Religion of God.

          May Allah help and guide us to do this perfectly during the coming New Year 1437 Hijri.

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