Remembering Dr.Syed Yousuf RH


Remembering Dr. Hazrat Syed Yousuf RH

The late Doctor Hazrat Syed Yousuf was the son of Peer wo Murshid Hazrat Miyan Syed Abdul Hai alias Hafiz Miyan RH and the younger brother of Asadul Ulema Hazrat Maulana Abu Sayeed Syed Mahmood RH.

As a student from a very poor family, Dr. Syed Yousuf worked very hard and was always successful with distinction throughout his studies. He became a doctor in those days when Mahdavi doctors and engineers or other professionals could be counted on fingers. He was perhaps the 2nd or 3rd Mahdavi to become a doctor after the famous surgeon Dr. Mohd. Bahadur Khan.

As a doctor he worked in Government Service with a good reputation and retired as Dean Faculty of Medical Sciences, Nagpur University. He rose to this position with his hard work and sincere service.

Known for his sincerity and sympathies for the poor and the downtrodden, Dr. Yousuf always worked for uplifting his community and encouraged  young Mahdavi boys and girls to prosecute higher education and always tried to help the poor students.

He had a sentiment for serving the poor and hence was very popular especially, amongst the poor patients wherever he served.

In sports Dr. Syed Yousuf had a passion for hunting and was very well known for his hunting skills.

He is remembered for his good nature and mannerism. He was always ready to help the poor and the needy. His life was a life of devotion as a Mahdavi Muslim.

Dr. Hazrat Syed Yousuf is survived by his widow, three sons, three daughters and grand children. Amongst his children, Dr. Mrs.Hafeez Sarwari has recently retired as Professor of Unani Medical Science.

Dr. Syed Yousuf’s death anniversary is on the 10th of Shwwal. He is laid to rest next to his Murshid and father in the Daira of Bandagi Mian Syed Yaseen RH , Qutbiguda, Hyderabad.

May Allah forgive him and bestow His vision to Dr.Hazrat Syed Yousuf’s soul.