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Haz. Bandagi Miyan Malik Illahdad 'Khalifa Groah' RZ

Ramzan 13 - Bahr-e-Aam, Hz Bandagi Miyan Malik Illahdad Khalifa GrohRZ
Ramzan 14 – URS, Hz Bandagi Miyan Malik Illahdad Khalifa GrohRZ
Concise Biography of Hz Bandagi Miyan Malik Illahdad “Khalifa Groh” RZ:
Hz Bandagi Miyan Malik Illahdad ‘Khalifa Groh’ RZ belonged to the famous tribe of Bariwals, the maternal side of Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ. The progenitor of the Bariwals family was Malik Yaqub, who was among the descendants of Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq RZ, the first Caliph of Islam, through Hz Abdur Rahman RZ son of Hz Abu Bakr RZ. Their descendants arrived [in India] and settled in Bari village, near Bayana. Hence, they came to be known as the Bariwals. Here Malik Yaqub Bariwal is the proginator of the Bariwals.

Malik Yaqub Bariwal the proginator of the Bariwals had seven sons:

1- Malik Maudood (he is Maternal Grandfather ‘Nana’ of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ)
2- Malik Ahmad (father of Hz Malik Barkhurdar RA urf ‘Malik Bakhan RA’, Hz Malik Illahdad “Khalifa Giroh RZ and Hz Malik Hammad RA)
3- Malik Muhammad
4- Malik Nasiruddin (alias Mubariz-ul-Mulk);
5- Malik Yusuf
6- Malik Esa
7- and Malik Waziruddin

Hz Imam Mahdi AS gave many glad tidings ‘Bisharat’ in their favour.
 Hz Imam Mahdi AS has said in favour of the Bariwals, they are Ambrit Bel. Ambrit means the Elixir of Life. Bel means descendants. The other specialty of this tribe is that all its members, big and small, were very popular as people of no other tribe. They were also greatly obedient. Hz Imam Mahdi AS has given great glad tidings to the members of this tribe as to the people of no other tribe.
It is said that first Hz Malik Barkhurdar RA alias Malik Bakhan RA then followed by the brothers Bandagi Malik Illahdad RZ and Hz Bandagi Malik Hammad RZ, sons of Malik Ahmad RA the Grandsons of Malik Yaqub Bariwal, met Hz Imam Mahdi AS at Piran Patan and performed the tasdiq of Hz Imam Mahdi AS and earned their glad tidings from him. It was this Malik Bakhan RA who later took his nephew Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ in the audience of Imamuna AS.
Hz Malik Illahdad RZ was an eminent Noble in the court of the king of Gujrath. In Mehdavia, he was accorded with the title of “Khalifa Groh RZ” for his receiving the faiz from all the 5 Khalifa’s RZ of Imamuna AS. In respect and honour of his services to the Groh-e-Mehdavia in many aspects, more than his original name he is famous with his title of “Hz Khalifa Guroh RZ”. His importance can be cited by this single example.
After the demise of Imamuna AS, and after migrating back to India, the famous Ijma (Mehdavia religious congregation) was conducted near the (Mazar) grave of “Hz Bandagi Miyan Abdul Majeed Noor Nosh RZ” in Nainpura in Ahmedabad, on a point everybody failed to come on a consensus at that moment Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ asked the attendants (Non-Migrants and Kasib’s) to leave except the migrating companions of Imam AS. Hz Khalifa Guroh RZ stood to leave at that moment Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ caught hold of his waist cloth (Kamar Bandh) and said Bhai Dadoo (considering his elder age all the khulafas RZ use to address him with this title as a mark of honour and respect) you need not leave because you also directly receive the faiz from that same fathomless ocean from where we receive.
During his earning “kasab” days Hz Khalifa Groh RZ use to be in seclusion and for that purpose he would make excuses like going for hunting days long etc. Once Hz Khalifa Groh RZ had gone outside and during that time his wife Bibi Maimona RA delivered a boy and it happened that his children did not lived long and died in infancy. So his wife thought a vali named Imam Mehdi AS is here so let us ask him to supplicate for this infant’s long life, so she sent the infant along with the midwife in the feet of Imamuna AS. Imamuna AS said, “Yes, He for whom we supplicate perishes”. After hearing this the entire household started weeping on the joyous occasion, in the meantime HZ Khalifa Giroh RZ who was away arrived on the moment and was apprised by the saying of the Imam AS, after hearing those words spoken by Imamuna AS he was overjoyed and said that ‘perishing’ is the indication of perishing in Haq and long life, and it happened that his son Hz Bandagi Miyan Peer Mohammed RZ Sahabi-e-Imamuna AS lived for almost 70 years and passed on 12th Ramzan in 975H. He lived 30 years after his father’s martyrdom.
Hz Khalifa Guroh RZ had the honour to come in the feet of Imamuna AS and he sincerely decided that until my lower self ‘nafs’ and satan should come in my presence and should say we will not astray you then only I will do ‘Tark-e-Dunya’ and mix with the companions of Imamuna AS and it happened. Then one day both the Self and the Satan submitted themselves in front of him, now Hz Khalifa Groh RZ brought the documents and deeds of his jagir and burnt them up and both the father and Son started the migration as true seekers of Truth. The Son Hz Bandagi Miyan Peer Mohammed RZ went to the Daira of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ, but Bandagi Malik Ilahdad RZ was of an advanced age as compared to Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ. As such, he thought, “How can I go with my grey beard before Bandagi Miyan RZ (as his disciple or murid), since the latter was much younger and had a jet black beard. There is no consonance. He thought Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Nizam RZ is also one of the eminent companions RZ of Hz Imamuna AS; he is aged and has remained in the company of Hazrat Imam AS for a longer time. So I should join the company of Bandagi Miyan Shah Nizam RZ.” On the basis of this thinking, Hz Bandagi Malik Ilahdad RZ joined the company of Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Nizam RZ when he performed the obligation of giving up the world [Tark-e-Dunya] and remained in his company for quite a few years.
It is narrated that one day, Hz Malik Illahdad RZ saw in a (Muamila) reverie that Hz Prophet Muhammad SAS and Hz Imamuna AS had come into his hujra [room] and had brought Coat of Honour. They made him put on the Coat of Honour by their own hands. Then they said, “Bhai Dadu! Go. You have been given the Khilafat of Brother Syed Khundmir RZ”. Hz Bandagi Malik RZ told the details of the reverie to Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Nizam RZ. The latter said it was correct. But he did not permit him to go. Hz Malik Illahdad RZ had for the first time seen that he got the information, “O Miyan Dadu! Though you remained in the company of Hz Miyan Shah Nizam RZ, you get your share [of faiz—bounty of Vilayat] from Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ”. On the basis of this, Hz Malik Illahdad RZ sought permission from Hz Shah Nizam RZ. Then for a third time Hz Malik Illahdad RZ went to Hz Shah Nizam RZ to seek his permission to go to the daira of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ. This time he had decided to go and had made the necessary arrangements for the journey. It is said, this time also Hz Shah Nizam RZ did not give the permission. Hz Malik Illahdad RZ then respectfully said,
“Miyanji! There is a saying, ‘Naukri chor; Nivala hazir [default in serving, present to receive the compensation].
This banda is serving here and getting the (faiz) share of the Sainthood from Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ. Then I must go to him.” Saying this Hz Malik Illahdad RZ touched the feet of Hz Shah Nizam RZ and started his journey to the Daira of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ.
 Hz Shah Nizam RZ is narrated to have not delivered the bayan of Quran till his death after Hz Malik Illahdad RZ left his daira. He is narrated to have said, “Miyan Dadu was the only man who listened to the bayan of Quran and he has gone to his place. For whom should I now perform the bayan?” But in Panj Fazail it is recorded that he did not delivered the bayan of Quran for a day, then he started performing, when enquired he said, I am doing this for the sake of Hz Miyan Abdur Rahman RZ. (Allah SWT knows best, He is samee and baseer, and slumber never overtakes Him).
In short, when Hz Malik IIlahdad RZ arrived in the daira of Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ, the latter was very happy to receive him. Hz Malik IIlahdad RZ received the glory of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ. Then Bandagi Miyan RZ said, “The example of Bhai Dadu going to Bhai Nizam is like a young prince going to a maktab [school]. When he gets the necessary knowledge and learns the etiquette of the royal court, he is made to sit on the throne. Similarly, Bhai Dadu was taken there, made him capable of remaining in the company of his banda and then he was brought here.”
Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ has given a large number of glad tidings and favours to Hz Khalifa Groh RZ. From among the many glad tidings as folows:
 The first one is that Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ gave the command of his Khilafat [Vice-Regency] to Hz Khalifa Groh RZ and informed him that he would outlive him [Bandagi Miyan RZ].
The second glad tidings are that Bandagi Miyan Hz Syed Khundmir RZ said, “Since you will outlive us, you will have the occasion to meet and talk to the companions RZ of Hazrat Imam Mahdi AS. Hence, ask everything you want to. You may ask your questions even at the time of the bayan of Quran.
The third bisharat is that Bandagi Miyan RZ told Hz Khalifa Groh RZ, “The companions RZ of Hazrat Imam AS who have opposed this banda will come to you for repenting.
The fourth bisharat is that Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ addressed Hz Khalifa Groh RZ as ‘brother’.
The fifth bisharat is that Miyan Atan RZ and Bandagi Malik Hammad RZ wanted that Hz Khalifa Groh RZ should not ask any questions from Bandagi Miyan RZ at the time of bayan-e-Quran. When Bandagi Miyan RZ got wind of this, he called Bandagi Malik Hammad RZ and sent word to Bandagi Malik Ilahdad RZ, “Go and give Bhai Dadu our Salaam and say Hz Imam Mahdi AS had told me and I tell you, ‘whatever was placed here has been placed there. What has been manifested in the breast of this banda has been placed in your breast.”
The sixth bisharat is that Bandagi Miyan RZ told Hz Khalifa Groh RZ. The person who is your enemy is the enemy of this banda. The enemy of this banda is the enemy of the zath of Hz Imam Mahdi AS. He who is the enemy of Hz Imam Mahdi AS is the enemy of the Messenger of Allah [Prophet Muhammad SAS], and he who is the enemy of the Messenger of Allah is the enemy of Allah.” Similarly, there are many bisharaat Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ has given to Bandagi Malik Ilahdad “Khalifa Groh” RZ.
Hz Khalifa Groh RZ is counted as a martyr along with Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ. Because after winning the first day Battle of Badr-e-Vilayath in the night Hz Bandagi Miyan Rz called him and saw that the latter was wounded and his body was also bleeding. He was told to take care of the Daira and the families and the inmates of the Daira, so in response he replied Khundkar do you want me to be deprived of Shahadath under your feet. In response Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ applied his Paskhurda of Saliva on Hz Khalifa Guroh RZ’s body and the wounds healed and vanished immediately then he said Bhai Dadoo when the appropriate time comes your wounds would come alive and bleed, in that state you will die and achieve the martyrdom as per your wish and desire.
Hz Khalifa Guroh RZ took charge of the entire daira and family of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ along with other families of the fuqara of the Daira in every aspect along with the propagation of Mehdavia. After some years when the children of Hz bandagi Miyan Rz were young enough to care of the Daira then he gave the charge of the Daira and inmates to his Khalifas i.e the children of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ. As predicted by his Murshid Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ his wounds now once became alive at the village of Kapadwanj and in that state he passed away on 14th Ramzan 945H. That is, after 35 years after the demise of Hz Imam Mahdi AS and fifteen years after the martyrdom of Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ. It may be added here, Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ, the fifth Caliph of Imamuna AS, too died in the same year. Hz Khalifa Groh RZ’s ‘Khilafath’ lasted for 15 years and during that time his Daira was expelled from 15 places like his Murshid Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ.
He died after passing away of all the 5 Khalifas RZ. In his entire life one can see the services he did for the community and the young children of Syedain RZ (i.e Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ and Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ). He invited the 2nd son of Hz Sani-e-Mehdi RZ, i.e Shajarathul Murshideen Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob RZ ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ father of Bara-Bani-Israil-e-vilayath and married to him Hz Bibi Raje Ruqiya RZ daughter of Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir Siddiq-E-Vilayat RZ and made one more relation among these families.

It is said that one night at the time of sitting naubath there was some discussion between Hz Syed Shah Yaqoob RZ (grandson of Imamuna AS) along with a fuqara and Hz Bandagi Miyan Peer Mohammed RZ son of Hz Khalifa Guroh RZ. Then Khalifa Groh RZ intervened and the matter was sorted out, but Hz Syed Shah Yaqoob RZ left the Daira in the middle of the night and migrated towards the Daira of Hz Shah Dilawar RZ. In the Morning when Hz Khalifa Guroh RZ heard about his migration he said the Stream of Faiz of Bhai Syed Yakoob RZ was flowing in full current somebody might have gave him wrong advice to leave the Daira and he has broken his stream of faiz. After some time when these words were heard by Hz Shah Dilawar RZ he said, “Bhai Dadoo (Hz Khalifa Groh RZ) has spoken about breaking of his own stream of faiz” [(i.e his own son Hz Bandagi Miyan Peer Mohd RZ did not become the khalifa of his father i.e (Hz Khalifa Guroh RZ)] and his khilafat ended on himself. Until Khalifa Guroh RZ lived he was sad that his only son Hz Bandagi Miyan Peer Mohd RZ Sahabi-e-Mehdi AS and Mubashar-e-Mehdi AS is not his khalifa and that is the main reason his silsila of irshadi ended on himself. He used to say Hz Peeru Bhai RZ (his son) has hit on his own feet by himself.
It is narrated that when Hz Imam Mahdi AS sent Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ from Nasarpur [Sindh] to Gujarat, the Imam AS, under the command of Allah Most High, also sent his chadar [a fabric / cloth to wrap around the body] to Hz Bandagi Malik Ilahdad “khalifa Giroh” RZ and his headgear to Bandagi Malik Hammad RZ through Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ. This is one more bisharath that both these personlities became the trusted companions of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ and tasted their Martyrdom “Shahadath”. 

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