A Great Tradition--Mahdavies Should Keep It Up


A Great Tradition--Mahdavies Should Keep It Up
Video of Jalsa e Shahadat Hz Imam e Hussain RZ has been uploaded!!!!  

On every 10th of Muharram, Mahdavi Muslims all over the world perform a tradition.They meet or call over telephone or by means of letters contact their relatives,friends(close or distant) and even those with whom their relations are strained. They seek forgiveness for their own words and deeds by which they might have hurt the feelings or offended them intentionally or unintentionally. They seek apology from the others and the others too in response seek apology.


This is how an exchange of mutual forgiving takes place. If this is done sincerely, the minds of both the persons are cleared and their hearts become free from impurities of the mutual grudges and animosities.

It is said that Imam Hussain RZ did this with all his family members and his companions before going into the battlefield. This is the origin of the tradition. We remember Imam Hussain Rz and his martyrdom, his sacrifices and his struggle to protect and defend the Faith brought by his Grand Father (May Allah give him peace).

This act of the Imam is only a part of his great legacy.But by following this we get a lot of benefits.

Mahdavies have been following this on every 10th of Muharram and continue this for the whole month.Perhaps this is the most appropriate way of remembering this Great Hero of Islam.

Mahdavies should keep it up and perform it with sincerity and whole heartedly and be rewarded by Allah , the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful.