Rangrez Shaheed RA


May Allah - The Almighty, bless us with the Faith of Rangrez ShaheedRA & their pious Mother. Aameen.

     “So their Lord accepted of them ……………
      so those who were emigrated and were driven out of their homes,
      and suffered harm in My cause,
      and who fought, and were killed (in My cause),
Holy Qur'an  [3:195]

One day in the city of Ahmadabad in Gujrat an announcement was made by the orders of the ruler, that anyone who takes the name of the Mehdi AHS he/she will not be spared. If the Mehdavis disown their faith they will be given pardon or else if they stick to their adherents then they will be subjected to inhuman atrocities or may be executed. Soon this notification spread like wild fire in the then Sultanate of Gujrath.

When this announcement was rendering in Ahmedpur a locality of fabric dyers (Rangrez) in Gujarat that whoever takes even the name of Mehdi AS he will be dealt severely, and the announcers were roaming with this royal order (of the ruler of Gujrat) the very moment two young boys came down from their shop of fabric dyeing by reciting the Tasbeeh loudly and said, “Who can stop us from the tasdiq of Mehdi AS and the teachings provided to us by the Bandagi Miyan RZ. Who is it calling us towards the falsehood and who is begging for our heads. We are not afraid of any atrocities or of death. Do whatever you want but we will not change our Faith. Whoever it is can come and collect our heads in charity in the name of Allah, Rasool Allah SAWS and Mehdi Murad Allah AHS."

Historians record that the elder brother Miyan Kabir RA was 18 years old and the younger brother Miyan Ismail RA was 14 years old.

Satan played its role the people gathered around these two young boys and started beating them severely with fists, sticks and rods. As the beating increased the Tasbeeh increased. After some time everybody were exhausted and the boys fell down on the ground. Among the mob someone shouted, let their family members be called so that they can advice the boys not to take the name of Mehdi AHS. To their astonishment, they came to know that both these boys are the only children of an old (widow) woman. She was called and was let her to the injured boys to give a piece of advice.

The old Mehdavi mother advised her children in this manner:

"O my children, I always dreamt of you both when you reach the age, I wanted to see you dressed as grooms and decorate you with flowers and garland by my hands and now both of you had already brought me happiness more than that. The only thing which remains is the garlands. She said 'Remember this blood flowing from your heads is the flowers and Martydom (Shahadath) is the garlands of Eeman around your necks'.

"If you give your heads to keep your Eeman intact then none other than Hazrat Bandagi Miyan Rz, Imam Mehdi AHS and RasoolAllah SAWS will be attending your procession of celebrations and will present you both in the presence of Allah, do not turn away from the Giroh of Imam Mehdi AHS. AND IF YOU TURN AWAY FROM YOUR FAITH, I WOULD NOT GIVE THE SALVATION OF MY MILK (DOODH KI BAQSHISH) ON THE DAY OF RESURRECTION."

After giving this advice the old Mehdavi Mother went away.

The crowds gathered around were aghast and dumb stuck to hear these words of faith by this old Mehdavi mother. People thought she would seek pardon to take her young children back. But, it was not to be the case.

As the executioner came with the sharp sword the elder brother stepped forward and said, 'First you have to execute my younger brother'. The executioner asked 'Why is it?' The brother replied, 'This is none of your business. Do your job'. Then out of curiosity the executioner asked the reason again. The elder brother replied, 'Nobody knows the secrets of the heart. If my younger brother, after seeing my spilled blood, can change his decision. So, I don’t want him to be a shameful loser in front of my Murshid, Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ.' Hence, according to his request, with a single stroke by the sharp sword the younger brother’s head came down on the ground, next the elder brother’s head followed and the blood oozed out from their cut-throats.

Spectators were stunned to see that both the heads were smiling and their radiant faces were glowing than earlier and shining with the divine luminosity (Noor).

Their old mother said, ‘O Allah I hear people say save your both children but I am sad and regretful that you gave me just 2 sons why you did not gave me 20 sons. Today I would have happily presented 20 heads instead of just these 2 heads in the name of Imam-ul-Kainaath Mehdi Murad Allah AHS.'

This was the status of the Faith of Mehdavis, of the earlier era.

When this incident of shahadath came in the audience of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ, at that moment he was taking food in his Daira at Khambel, as soon as he heard he stopped the morsel in his hand and said “Both these Shaheed brothers are the Imam of my Shahadath (Martyrdom)”

The persecution of the Mehdavis was started in a very brutal and inhuman manner, everywhere in Gujrat. Then Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ took action, one of his trusted Khalifa (Khalifa-e-Qaas) Hz Malik Allahdad Khalifa-e-Giroh RZ was sent and a fatwa was acquired from the same Ulema of Gujrat on a Istifta (matter/issue) regarding the orders of persecution of innocent people, "Who believe in Allah SWT and His Prophet SAWS. Who follow Shariat perfectly and fear Allah SWT. Who follow the Commandments of Holy Quran and act according to it." And to this, the Ulema gave the verdict that "those who issued such orders are liable to be killed under the Shariat of Prophet Mohammed SAWS."

And now with the fatwa in hand he got killed all those Ulema’s who issued fatwas for the killing of innocent Mehdavis. Those Ulemas who were killed, includes Mulla Hamid and Mulla Anaruddin as well, which shattered the complete Sultanate of Gujrat and surrounding. And due to the fear of being killed for their evil deeds, the surviving Ulema convinced the Sultan to take Military action against the Mehdavis, claiming that "Mehdavis are a threat to his kingdom and his life and his kingdom is in danger". They succeed, and the unfortunate ruler ordered his army to attack the Daira of Bandagi Miyan Shahe Khundmeer RZ. And, what happened during this 2-day battle, is history, and recorded by numerous historians of that era and later era's.

As per the Historical recordings, after the martyrdom of the Rangrez brothers and the following battle - Jung-e-Badr-e-Vilayath, the ‘Shahadath’ of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ, this cruel Sultanate was no more and Sultan Muzaffar-II was conquered, and he, along with, his entire progeny and those (his obedient) Ulema who issued fatwa were finished completely.