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Hazrat Bandagi Malik Peer Mohammad RZ

Ramzan 12 – URS, Hz Bandagi Miyan Malik Peer Mohammed RZ

The Urs of Hz Bandagi Miyan peer Mohammed RZ is on 12 Ramzan. He is son of Hz Bandagi Miyan Malik Illahdad Khalifa Groh RZ, belonged to the famous tribe of Bariwals, the maternal side of Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ “Siddiq-e-Vilayath”.

During his earning “kasab” days Hz Khalifa Groh RZ use to be in seclusion and for that purpose he would make excuses like going for hunting days long etc. Once Hz Khalifa Groh RZ had gone outside and during that time his wife Bibi Maimona RA delivered a boy and it happened that his children did not lived long and died in infancy. So his wife thought a vali named Imam Mehdi AS is here so let us ask him to supplicate for this infant’s long life, so she sent the infant along with the midwife in the feet of Imamuna AS.

Imamuna AS said, “Yes, for whom we supplicate perishes”.

After hearing this the entire household started weeping on the joyous occasion, in the meantime HZ Khalifa Giroh RZ who was away from house arrived on the moment and was apprised by the saying of the Imam AS, after hearing those words spoken by Imamuna AS he was overjoyed and said that ‘perishing’ is the indication of perishing in Haq and long life, and it happened that his son Hz Bandagi Miyan Peer Mohammed RZ Sahabi-e-Imamuna AS lived for almost 70 years and passed on 12th Ramzan in 975H. He lived 30 years after his father’s martyrdom.

After the demise of Hz Khalifa Groh RZ, Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Mehmood “Syedanji Khatimul Murshideen RZ” son of Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ “Siddiq-e-vilayath” was in the companionship of Hz Malik Peer Mohammed RZ for 2 years. After him he was in the companionship of his elder brother Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Shahabuddin “Shihab Ul Haq RZ” for 25 years.

When Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Shahabuddin Shahabul Haq RZ passed away, it was Hz Bandagi Malik Peer Mohammed RZ gave him funeral bath and this noble son of a Noble father was laid to eternal rest at Daira Khambel in Gujarat.



Editor's Note: Taher Md. Saheb S/o Mohammed Saheb (Vice-President Idara Tableegh-E-Mehdavia, Musheerabad)  Dammam, a regular contributor of


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