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Let Us Worship Our Lord More & More

                 All of us are very fortunate that within our life time the most holy month of Ramazan has come once again. The ProphetSAS said this is the month for my Ummah. Once he said that most unfortunate is the man who got elderly parents and did not serve them to become deserving for the Paradise and also most unfortunate is the person who got the month of Ramazan and he did not become deserving for paradise (by serving his Lord more and more).

                 Let us take full advantage of this rewarding month and serve our Lord during its limited number of days and nights.

                 Besides fasting and offering five times Prayers on time and with Jama-ah (as far as possible), we should say Taraveeh prayers and also Tahajjud prayers (those who regularly offer). Reciting Qur’an completely, at least once for the benefit of the souls of deceased beloved ones, would be rewarding for them as well as ourselves.

                  In addition to this, worship by means of spending our hard earned money to help and feed our less fortunate brothers and sisters back in India or other places would also be most rewarding. For this purpose working out the obligatory Zakat and Ushr, and paying it before the month is over is preferable.

                  The mostly neglected but highly rewarding worship to be performed during this month is Zikrullah or remembrance of God. Qur’an, the ProphetSAS and the Promised Imam MehdiAS have emphasized the great significance of this obligation. Its rewards are innumerable and unlimited. So also punishment for the negligence too is horrible.

                   A few Verses from Qur’an along with some sayings of the ProphetSAS and Our Imam MehdiAS are noted below for the benefit of our Brothers and Sisters. If they spare some time to carefully go through them, it may be hoped even this would be rewarding Insha-Allah: -  

                                             “ Verily, in the creation of the heavens and the earth,
                                                        and in the succession of night and day,
                                                          there would indeed be signs  for all,
                                                             who are endowed with insight,
                                               (And) those who remember Allah when they stand,
                                                       and when they sit and when they lie down,
                                  and (thus) reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth.”
                                                                                                   (The House of Im’ran VV 190-191)

                                                  “And when you have finished your prayers,
                                        remember Allah – standing and sitting – and lying down,
                                           and when you are once again secure, observe prayer.
                        Verily, for all believers’ prayer is indeed a sacred duty linked to particular times.”
                                                                                                                            (Al-Nisa, V- 103)
                            “And whoever turns himself away from the remembrance of the Beneficent God,
                                        we appoint for him a Shaitan (devil), so he becomes his associate.

                                                 And surely they turn them from the way of Allah,
                                                      and yet they deem they are rightly guided.”
                                                                                                                     (Azzukhraf: 36,37/43)

                      It is reported by Ummul Mumineen (mother of the faithful) Hazrath A’yeshaRZ that the Messenger of AllahPBUH used to keep remembering Allah every moment, all the time.
                                                                      (Tirmidhi, Mishkaat) 

                    Abu Sayeed Khudri reported that somebody asked the Messenger of AllahPBUH as to which of a servant is superior in rank with Allah, on the Day of Resurrection?

                  The Messenger of AllahPBUH said that those who remember Allah most.

                  The man asked, O Messenger of AllahPBUH, would he (the one who remembers Allah) be superior even to the Ghazi (a warrior who survives a battle)?

                   The ProphetPBUH said, if a Ghazi fights the disbelievers and the polytheists with his sword, to the extent that the sword becomes bloody and is finally broken, even then those who remember Allah unceasingly would be superior to the Ghazi in rank.                                                            (Tirmidhi)
                        Abu DardaRZ narrated that once the ProphetPBUH asked his companions, shouldn’t I inform you of the best of (religious) practices which your Lord likes most and which elevates your ranks with Him, and which is better than spending gold and silver in the way of Allah. It is also better than your fighting with the enemies of your faith; it is also better than your chopping their necks and cutting your necks? The companions said, why not? The ProphetPBUH said, it is the remembrance of Allah.

                   Imam Mehdi al-Ma’udAS   said that the most perfect faithful is the one who keeps remembering Allah all the time.

                    Once, Imam Mehdi Al-Ma’udAS found two or three persons engaged in talking. Coming to them he asked,  “ What are you doing”?  They replied, “we are telling some religious tales.” The ImamAS told them:,

“ Brothers, you will not find Allah, the Most High, through stories. Perform Zikr. Except Zikrullah (Remembrance of Allah) there is no way to reach Allah.”

                    Whenever, Imam MehdiAS asked someone:

                     "Are you comfortable?”  the person would reply:" Yes”, then the ImamAS used to say:

“ This servant of Allah, is not inquiring about your outwardly comfort. Is your heart attached to Allah?”                                                                                       (Naqliyat-e-Mian Abdul RasheedRZ)    

                      Once the Imam MehdiAS recited the verse of Qur’an:

       “ Those who remember Allah, when they stand and when they sit and when they lie down”.

                    Commanded by Allah, the Most High, The Promised Imam MehdiAS said that this is the trait of the community of Mehdi (Groh-e-MahdiAS).

                                                              May Allah  make us truly among them Ameen.

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