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🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺. Shaban 1440H Declaration
( By Peer o Murshid Hazrat Maulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla) 🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺
Hilal of Shaban 1440H was NOT sighted at any place in North America on the 29th of Rajab 1440H April 05,2019. Consequently, we will complete 30 days and the first of Shaban will be on Sunday April 07, 2019 in North America.
May Allah reward all our Shahideen (Moon Sighting Volunteers) who tried to sight the Hilal. Ameen
_Faqir Abdulfatah Syed Nusrat_ 🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺 Mahdavia 🌙 Ruiyat e Hilal
🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺🌿🌺 Mahdavia Dairah of North America (MANA)
2600 W Peterson Ave.,#105, Chicago, Il-60659, USA

Speech by Peer wo Murshid Hazrat Maulana Syed ShahNoor Mohammed Qibla on the occasion of Jalsa Urs Saiyadush Shuhada Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah e Khundmir Siddique e Vilayat Rz at the Dairah in Chicago, USA*

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Jalsa e Milad e Imamuna Hazrat Mahdi e Maud AHS was held at Mahdavia Dairah of North America (MANA) on this occassion Mahdavia Academic Excellence Awards 2019 were presented to the winners by Hz Peer o Murshid Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla Tashreefullahi in Chicago, USA on Sunday, Feb 03, 2019.

Following is the list of Award Winners:
  • Community Service
    1. Hazrat Khundmir Mehdavi Sahab for his outstanding services in propagating Deen e Mahdi AS
  • Doctorate Phd Degree
    1. Dr.Mohammed Aslam, Phd SVR University India
    2. Dr.Moiz Bhai Phd University of Illinois Chicago USA
  • Masters Degree
    1. Farheen Valiullah Saiyed MSc University of Baroda Gujrat India
    2. Mymoona S Tahseen MS Loyola University of Chicago IL USA
    3. Fahad Khayyam MS Trinity University USA
  • Bachelors Degree
    1. Ibrahim Syed B Pharm Osmania University Hyderabad Telengana India
    2. Mohd Faizan Khan University of Ontario Canada
    3. Syeda Zaynub Yameen BSc
  • Associates Degree
    1. Nusrat Sana City Colleges of Chicago USA
  • High School
    1. Mustafa Pervez Mehdavi,Sholapur Maharastra India
    2. Saira Bano, Mather School Chicago IL USA
    3. Syed Ali Haider Rafey, Mather School Chicago IL USA


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