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Roohi Miyan Leaves Sydney

13 years 3 days ago #211 by adminteam
Dear Brother & Sister In Faith,

As Salaamu-alekum Woh Rahmatullahi Woh Barkatu,

Eid Mubarak

Alhamdulillah By the Fazal-o-Karam of Almighty Allah SWT and by the Sadaqa Of Buzurg-aan-e-Deen we were able to Offer Farz-Dugana- e-Lailatul Qadar behind a Peer-o-Murshid Of Groh e Mahdavia Hazrath Syed Ashraf Hadi Khundmiri Sahab Afzal-Ul-Ulema( Master Of Islamic Studies) S/o Muffasir-e-Quran Shams-ul-Ulema Hzt.Syed Abid Meeranji Sahab Khundmiri . He was here all these days and every day he used to deliver beautiful speechs on Aqidah Mahdaviat.

We(The Team) are thankful to Hazrath Syed Ashraf Hadi Khundmiri Sahab(Roohi Miyan) for Accepting our Invitation and comming all the way from Channapatna,Bangalore,India to Sydney,Australia.

Our Thanks are due to every Member of Islamic Mahdavia Community Of Australia & some brother's back in India for rendering dedicataed service sor the sake of Almighty Allah SWT.

May Almighty Allah SWT bestow all of us with Eeman and Amal-e-Saleh.

Aameen Summa Aameen Ya Rabul-Aalameen.

Khuda Hafiz.

(Aye AllahSWT hum sub ko Nek aur Ek Banade)

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