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Introduction Of IMCA

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The Islamic Mehdavia Community of Australia inc was registered on 20 August 2008 with the following rules.
1) The President will also act as Secretary.
2) The Executive Committee shall reserve the right to elect the president.
3) The Executive Committee is a committee that will have upto or greater than 4 members in it.
4) The Executive Committee is elected by members of The Organization.In case of disagreement the majority of members will have the power to make a decision.
5)The Executive Committee shall exercise absolute executive power in all activities of The Organization.
6) The Treasurer and the Treasurer only shall be responsible for the financial aspect of The Organization.
7) Financial aspect of The Organization involves keeping the record of all donations, expenses, asset management and filing of yearly tax.
8)The position of The President and The Secretary are to be held by one natural person.
9) There shall be no fixed term for The President or The members of Executive Committee.They are to serve The Organization as long as they can perform their duties honestly and rightfully and as long as the majority of members are in agreement.
10) Any person can be a member of The Organization if and only if they subscribe to the teachings of Mehdaviyath.
11) The President or The Executive Committee shall not be liable or responsible for any actions or thoughts of a member if they are against the teachings of Mehdaviyath or in any way jeopradizes or damages the community's standing as peaceful community in the general society.
12) The Organization is not to be held responsible for any act(s) of its member(s) that can be defined criminal in nature by the Australian Law.

Executive Committee Members:
Mr.Syed Shujauddin Yadullahi
S Imtiyaz Mehdi(Ammu bhai)
S Siraj Khundmiri
S Ali Mustafa(Ex president)
Md Mumtaz Hussain(Majid bhai)
S Obaid Mehdi
S Nemathullah Zubair

Abdul Samiullah Khan{Sohail bhai}

Media Coordinators:
S Dilawer Mehdi 0433 497 872
S Rahil Ateeq 0420 241 085

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