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Late Haz. MohammadInamur Raheem Khan Sb. Mehdavi

12 years 10 months ago - 12 years 10 months ago #280 by adminteam
The late Hazrath Mohammed Inamur Raheem Khan Sahab Mehdavi RA was a resident of this Pathan Basthi Musheerabad, He was born in 1342H and passed away at Hyderabad on 19th Ziqada 1429H on the Urs day of Imamuna Mehdi AS.

Approximately a decade ago bequeath his only house to his son and migrated to Chanchalguda. Since decades this elder man was associated with ‘Darul Isha’ath Salaf al-Salihin Jamiath-e-Mehdavia, Daira Zamistanpur, Musheerabad, Hyderabad . Much of the authentic literature penned by the elders and whatever currently available today along with the famous calender of the community “Taqweem-e-Mehdavia” is continuously being published by this organisation. The publication of literature was started with a meagre amount (a handful of money) under the guidance of his late Murshid with an aim not only to safeguard the literature but also to propagate the true teachings and biographies of the spiritual elders.

His murshid being a scholar unearthed the treasure of rare hand written Arabic and Persian manuscripts of Mehdavia literature available in those days and translated these centuries old manuscripts into Urdu and with this an era of publications started. Today these rare books and booklets are continuously being published and are available as the gems of that treasure benefiting the community and the readers.

Many research scholars from various universities and people from different faiths use to visit him to avail the unavailable mehdavia literature of yester years and until he lived none had wrote any unsavoury comment regarding his character, helping nature and selfless service towards the community. The greatness of this man was he never ran behind name, fame and glory. Instead he was against these worldly benefits and silently involved in his mission of spreading Mehdavia literature in the nook and corner of the country and abroad.

The late personality travelled a lot propagating especially in the rural areas which were forgotten and un-communicated with the passage of time, he was instrumental in re-establishing links with them, which were literally cut off from the existing mehdavia strongholds. He had the oppurtunity to work with 3 generations of Murshideen and was a chronicle of Mehdavia history, events and genealogies, due to his work at grass-root level he became a household name and was respected by children, youth and elders in the society.

May Allah SWT be merciful on this Aashiq-e-Khatain AS – Aameen.

Khaksar-O-Khadim, Groh-E-Mehdavia,
Taher Md. Saheb
S/o Mohammed Saheb (Vice-President Idara Tableegh-E-Mehdavia , Musheerabad) Dammam, K.S.A.

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