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Five Cheapest Ways To Do Good Deeds

12 years 3 months ago #567 by ammtulmehdi
:) Yes, this thread shows Five Cheapest Way to Do Good Deeds!!!!

Most people don't give away money in charity because either they cannot afford it or they are stingy or they don't want to part away with their beloved(money). I will try to show how to do good deeds without having to spend money or by spending very less money.

    It summer time, every place is hot and humid. Take a small bowl of water and place it on your terrace or in your back or front yard. The thirsty birds will have water to drink.
    Buy some grains like Jowar and spread them where pigeons or other birds are present all the time. Note some places have imposed ban of feeding grains to birds so be careful not to do it on those places.
    Buy a cheapest Table Fan and give it as a gift to the family that does not have it. Usually within your neighborhood.
    Buy a candy, ice-cream, juice or a balloon whichever is cheaper to the poor or orphan children living in your neighborhood.
    If you find a broken glass, sharp objects like stones or thorns or injection syringes in the way stop and pick them up and throw it at place where it wont hurt others.

Isn't it easy!!! Please feel free to add more to this. Doing good deeds improve you as human being and makes you feel good about yourself that's why I am adding it in this section...I will continue to add more!!!![/b]

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