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Month of Shaban & Shab-e-Bara'at

13 years 1 month ago #121 by adminteam

Sha'baan is the name of the (eighth) month of the HIJRI CALENDER, it
means "To spread, distribute or disperse" it is derived from the word
tash'aba (disperse) and it is so called because in this month the
Arabs used to disperse in search of water, or it was said that they
dispersed to carry out raids and forays. Or it was said that it is so
called because it sha'aba (it branches out or emerges) i.e., it
appears between the months of Rajab and Ramadaan.

The plural forms of the word Sha'baan are Sha'baanaat and Sha'aabeen.

If you recall, I had mentioned earlier that SHABAAN is the MONTH of
our HOLY PROHPET RASOOLULLAH(pbuh) it is mentioned in HADITH that
once Usaamah ibn Zayd said: "I said, `O Messenger of Allaah, I do not
see you fasting in any other month like you fast in Sha'baan.' He
said, `That is my month and a month to which people do not pay
attention, between Rajab and Ramadaan, and it is a month in which
deeds are lifted up to the Lord of the Worlds. I like for my deeds to
be lifted up when I am fasting. According to a report narrated by
Abu Dawood "The most beloved of months for the Messenger of Allaah
(peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) to fast in was Sha'baan,
and his fasting in Sha'baan was continuous with his fasting in

The Holy Prophet {peace be upon him} also said: ''Shaabaan enjoys
superiority over the months as l have superiority over all the
Prophets" {peace be upon him}.

In conclusion, I PRAY to the ALMIGHTY ALLAH to guide us on the path
that PROPHET, showed us and especially in his most beloved of
months, for who knows a GLANCE of HIS on us can completely change our
LIVES in this world and thereafter…….

SHAB-E- BARAT is a FARSI word consturcted with SHAB, meaning NIGHT
and BARAT means commission, so SHAB-E-BARAT means the night of
commission or assignment... and in ARABIC it is known as LAITHUL

SHAB-E- BARAT is observed as the night of good FORTUNE on the
fifteenth night of SHABAAN. The observence of SHAB-E-BARAT has a
special significance. It is beleived that an INDIVIDUAL's fate for
the coming year is determined on this NIGHT.

Though SHAB-E-BARAT is not mentioned in QURAN like SHAB-E-MERAJ and
SHAB-E-QADR are mentioned but according to some SCHOLARS and
MUFASSIRS of QURAN in SURA DUKHAN there is a verse reffered as
LAILATHUL MUBARAKA to which the expertise in the light of HADITH has
interpretted the word LAILATHUL MUBARAKA as SHAB-E-BARAAT.

Its also mentioned in the HADITH that on the night of 15th SHABAAN,
the PROPHET (PBUH) paid a visit to the JANNUTHUL BAK'I (GRAVE YARD)
to pray for the salvation of the souls of the departed and in
accordance to this HADITH we also PRAY for the salvation of the
departed SOULS on this auspicous night.

by Syed Nadeem.

Be grateful to our Creator - The Exalted One - for;
First: Making us a Mehdavi. Second: Keeping us firm (intact) on Mehdaviat. Third: Insha-Allah, making us die as a Mehdavi, by the Blessings of Two Holy Concluders (Peace be upon them).

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