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URS Hz Miyan Shaikh Mustafa Patni Gujrathi RA

12 years 10 months ago #281 by adminteam
Ziqada 19 - URS Hz Miyan Shaikh Mustafa Patni Gujrathi RA, 984H (1578 AD)

HZ MIYAN SHAIKH MUSTAFA PATNI GUJRATHI RA, the author of Majalis-e-Khamsa (The debate in the court of Emperor Akbar), and writer of Risala Nasikh-O-Mansukh, Makatib etc. He was born in Naharwala (now the city of Patan) in Gujarat in 932 AH (1527 AD) approximately 2 years after the Shahadath of Hz Bandagi Miyan RZ. He was the scion of a Bohra family and Son of Mian Shaikh Abdur Rashid RZ Shaheed. Miyan Abdur Rashid RZ was an eminent scholar and the author of the famous book of ‘Naqliat Mian Abdur Rashid’, an authentic record on the traditions (Naqliyat, Farameen) of Imamuna Syed Muhammad Mahdi al-Mau'ood AS of Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh in India) he was a descendant of Hz. Syedna Ali (RZ) through his son Hanafia (RZ). Thus he was called the Alvi Syed. He was one of the most learned scholars of Patan. He is regarded as a companion of Imamuna AS, Miyan Shaikh Abdur Rashid RZ was martyred at Maurya, Near Morbi, in Kathiawad, Gujrath.

In 2004 this book “Naqliat Mian Abdur Rashid” was translated into English by Faqir Hz Syed Ziaullah Yadullahi Son of Late Maulana Hz Syed Alam Yadullahi RA, Moulvi Kamil, Munshi fazil, (President Ijma-e-fuqara- e-Groh-e- Mehdavia, Channapatna) . Printed by Muslim Mahdavia Charitable trust Bangalore.

One rivayat that is often quoted in eulogizing Miyan Shaikh Mustafa Gujarati RA, son of Miyan Abdur Rashid RZ, is that whenever Miyan Abdur Rashid RZ went to meet his murshid Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ, the latter would receive him with great respect. Some of his companions asked him for the reasons of this respect. Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ said, “I see a nur (luminosity) on his forehead, which would be a precursor of his service to the religion of the Imam AS.” The gist of the rivayat in Tarikh-e-Sulaimani is: “The wife of Bandagi Miyan Abdur Rashid RZ went to Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ to make obeisance (qadambosi) to him. Hz Siddiq-e-Vilayat RZ gave her great respect and honour. The Bibi’s present in the household asked for the reason for such honour. Bandagi Miyan RZ said. ‘This Bibi will give birth to a very religious boy. Through him rare events will manifest.” Both the above-mentioned rivayaat were the glad tidings of the birth of Hz Bandagi Miyan Shaikh Mustafa Gujarati. Both bishrath turned out to be true. Detailed accounts of his contributions for strengthening the religion could be found in the history books of both Mahdavis and non-Mahdavis.

Miyan Shaikh Mustafa RA received his early education at the feet of his illustrious father. When he reached the age of discretion, he took the vows of discipleship at the hands of Hz Pir Muhammad RA (son of Hz Khalifa Groh RZ) his murshid (guide) of great spiritual achievements. Then he took the oath of fealty in the service of Hz Syed Shihabuddin ‘Shihabul Haq RZ and Hz Syed Mahmood ‘Syedanji Khatim-ul-Murshidee n RZ. Hz Khatim-ul-Murshidee n RZ saw signs of great spiritual accomplishments in Shaikh Mustafa RA and permitted him to set up his own separate Daira and start preaching. On the Murshid’s command Hz Shaikh RA set up his Dairas at many places. Innumerable people received the blessings of Allah as his disciples.

After the Shahadath of his father Hz Miyan Abdur Rashid RZ, Hz Shaikh Mustafa RA was arrested and due to his influence of piety in the Royal court many emirs, nobles and many members of the royal family sent letters and delegated to get him released, from his fathers time he was a popular figure as a Mehdavi Shaikh his fame reached the Emperors court that was also a reason for his detractors to be jealous of him and due to him the common man was drifting in Mahdaviat as if the wood drifts in the stream water and follows where the water goes and Mahdaviat became a challenge as the true Islamic way of life and Practice for the worldly Mullahs. He was called to the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar and was incarcerated for two and half years (among all historians only Mullah Abdul Qadir Badayuni quotes 2-1/2 years with evidences of incidents).

He was arrested and taken in shackles (Chains) to the court where the Mughal Emperor Akbar, Emirs and some Ulema (religious scholars) were already seated. The Shaikh greeted them and all suitably replied. They sat in a circle and made the Shaikh sit in the middle. After 2-1/2 the debate conclude and on the conclusion of the debate Emperor Akbar noticed that the Shaikh has worsted the Darbari Ulemas. Regarding Shaikh Mustafa, the emperor said in the presence of the nobles of Darbar “Aaj Phir Se Haq Ghalib Aa gaya”.

Both men Hz Miyan Mustafa RA and Emperor Akbar were impressed by each other, and the Ulemas were aghast to find that Emperor Akbar became a friend of Miyan Shaikh Mustafa Gujrati RA and gave lot of respect to him and his saintly personality. When the Shaikh refused to accept any of the gifts offered by the emperor at personal level also, finally he was requested to accept Holy Qur’an, Shaikh accepted it. When the Qur’an was presented to him, secretly thin Gold sheets were already kept between every page of the book, so that it could reach the reverend Sheikh RA. Shaikh RA took the Quran in his caught the binding side turned and shook it, all the gold sheets fell down and scattered here and there, the Shaikh smiled and then kissed the Quran, the Darbari Scholars (Ulema-E-Su) jumped over these Gold sheets like hungry dogs and picked them. The emperor was really astonished to see this and remarked, “The Shaikh spoke truth”.

After his release from captivity, the Shaikh came to Bayana (in Rajasthan) and again set up his Daira there. He died in the same year after his release on, 19th Ziqada 984 AH (1578 AD) at the age of 52 on way of migration to Gujrat. His Urs is on the same day of Urs Imamuna Mehdi-e-Maoud Alaihis Salaam.

A collection of letters written by Shaikh RA [approximately (88) letters] to his contemporaries had been compiled by him and was later published with its Urdu translation titled “Makatib”. The letters reveal his profound devotion to Allah and ways and means to do penance to reach spiritual heights and finally realize the Ultimate Truth (Haq). Some among his many works include the ‘Jawahir Al-Tasdiq, Risala Nasikh wa-Mansukh’ etc.

(From Muntakhab-ut- Tawarikh and prefaces to the translation of two books, Majalis-e-Khamsa by Hazrat Syed Dilawar RA, and, Makateeb by Hazrat Syed Khuda Bakhsh Rushdi RA, respectively) , Excerpts were also taken from History books written by Non-Mehdavi and Non-Muslim historians regarding Mehdavia.

The debate on the Mahdavi faith and beliefs went on for more than eighteen months (Approximately thirty months as per Mulla Abdul Qader Badayuni). The Shaikh RA made a record of the debates as the process went on and due to the passage of time these records have perished. Of them, the records of only five sittings have been retrieved. Original manuscript is in Persian, later it was translated into Urdu by Hazrat Syed Dilawar alias Goray Mian RA of Begum Bazar, Hyderabad Deccan. This Urdu translation was being repeatedly published for over half a century. Later in 1997 translated into English by the well known personality of the community Faqir Hz Syed Ziaullah Yadullahi Son of Late Maulana Hz Syed Alam Yadullahi R.A, Moulvi Kamil, Munshi fazil, President Ijma-e-fuqara- e-Grohe-Mehdavia , Channapatna and was published by Mehdavia Foundation Chicago USA and available on various Mehdavia web sites.

Khaksar-O-Khadim, Groh-E-Mehdavia,
Taher Md. Saheb S/o Mohammed Saheb (Vice-President Idara Tableegh-E-Mehdavia , Musheerabad) Dammam, K.S.A.

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