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Promoting Book "Quran and Science"

12 years 10 months ago - 12 years 10 months ago #285 by adminteam
Assalamualaikum my dear brothers,

I hope you recieve this message in the best of your health and imaan,

I am attaching a passage that I wrote for the promotion of my book "Quran and Science". Please take a look at it and distribute it as widely as possible. I would highly appreciate it if the book can be advertised on all our Mehdavia websites such as the www.Mahdavia.com , as well as the e-vites for our gatherings.

-jazak Allah khair,
-Syed Shareef Khundmiri


Assalamo Alaikum,

”Qur’an and Science: Their implications on Mankind” It is a treatise on descriptive analyses of more than two hundred verses of the holy Qur’an in respect of universe and mankind.

This book sheds light on the relationship between the verses of the Holy Qur’an and the secular scientific knowledge of today. It uses the Qur'anic verses that speak of the orderliness of the universe, a key factor of sustenance of the entire universe. Moreover, Qur’an gives a balanced view of man whose thinking mind continues to dramatically affect the course of history. This book enhances on that description of the man and examines the verses of the Qur’an in relation to man as well as the universal phenomenon.

The main factor that prompted me to write this book is the distorted view of Darwin’s theory that Man was evolved from Ape. I felt it was a challenge not only to me, but to many like minded thinking minds of today as well. It created an inner struggle in my mind then I pondered over the Qur’anic dictations and its sayings about mankind. Through Qur’an I had reached the conclusion that Darwin’s theory goes against Qur’anic teachings and I became involved in the process of proving him wrong. Qur’an values human being and presents him as the one in control of universe under the guidance of Allah. However, Darwin’s theory defeats the purpose of creation and reduces man to nothing more than a mere accident of nature. I think the era of evolution has reached the era of consciousness of mind. Man has now started to investigate about himself and when he understands his purpose in life then he can understand ALLAH. The cherished goal of Qur’an is that man should realize his purpose of creation and through that understanding realize the presence of ALLAH all over the universe. If Darwin’s evolutionary philosophy that man comes from an ape is true, then life becomes purposeless. The verses discussed in the book go against this and prove that the life created by Allah has meaning and definite purpose. The overwhelming evidence extracted from the Holy Qur’an has debunked the theory of evolution.

The era of evolution was very slow till the end of the nineteenth century, but now it has reached to its dynamic speed with leaps and bounds to the era of consciousness of mind to which Darwin has less to say about it. The period of ten years from 1895 to 1905 produced remarkable technological advancements. For example, Rontgen discovered XRays, Marcconi discovered radio telegraphy (1895), Radiation theory of Madam Curie(1897), Einstein’s theory of relativity 1905 and scores of many other discoveries. These discoveries changed man’s whims about the past and brought about a revolution in technology. It changed man’s thinking with whose help man conquered space on the basis of that ten years’ evolutionary period. Thus, the slow speed of evolution leaped to conquer space and beyond.

The book cites several verses to illustrate a wide range of subject matters ranging from astrology, oceanography, anatomy, archeology, civilizations and many more subjects which relate to mankind . It sheds new light on previously neglected or less understood aspects of Qur’anic teachings which affect all the human beings, including non-Muslims, who are interested to find a common ground between Science and Islam. Using Science and Quran, the book, finally concludes that we do not come from chimps but are fashioned by Allah in the best of His mould.

Assessing the human knowledge on a broader scale which gave birth to the Islamic Renaissance in which Islamic scientists and authors tirelessly examined the Greco-Roman theories and formulated their own. Thus, they sowed the seeds that sprouted in the shape of European Renaissance in the recent past. The Book introduces scores of Muslim scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, philosophers and doctors in medicine whose voluminous writings were translated into European languages and they became the foundation for the European Renaissance. This book also examines relationship between material and spiritual world and draws one’s attention to the majesty of the complex universe and takes you to the spiritual world as well.

The book is plain, simple and written in a very fluent, pleasant and plausible manner which pleads the reader of every age and every walk of life to benefit from it. The book initiates group readings to facilitate themselves from each other’s view points by discussing their reflections and opinions about “Creation vs Evolution” the main theme of this book. This is an attempt to interpret a few verses of the Holy Qur’an in relation to the mankind and the universe as a whole and thus to inculcate the meanings and the purpose of this gigantic creation by a single Architect of this complex panorama. Indeed it is a humble service to Islam and thereby to the Ummah in general.

I may suggest the reader, before going to the text of the book, to read the comments of the eminent professors who are well versed with teaching of science and its related branches and who have penned their valuable opinions about the book. Their valuable comments have been appended at the very start of the book for your convenience and some excerpts are presented here:

In the words of Dr. Masood Hasan, who is a professor in the department of Chemistry/Biochemistry at the CalState University. “ The purpose of this book is to promote Qur’anic teachings and to clarify misconceptions about Islam. Especially, in the aftermath of the tragic events of 9/11, 2001, the most popular image of Islam in minds of many is that it is to some extent, a religion of violence, fanaticism and terrorism. This negative image of Islam among American and European public is essentially due to ignorance and hypocrisy. At a time when Islam is frequently misunderstood and often maligned, this sensitive and insightful book comes as a ray of sunshine. The book has dispelled many of these misconceptions and has provided ready access to several venerable verses that contain the essential worldview of the Qur’an as it relates to the meaning of life and possibility of justice – the two interconnected themes that are central to the Islamic thought.”

In regards to spirituality Dr. Aqeel Ahmed, a professor of Science in Pakistan, says that “the book examines how emotions and intellectual egoism are shattered by altruism, and generate ideas of universality and a spiritual consciousness which transcends ordinary intellect to a peculiar state of exaltation and realization of “Self ”; where the realm of duality melts down giving way to the ultimate Unity; the all powerful Unity of natural forces in whom the existence of invisible spiritual essence is manifested.”

The book “Qur’an and Science” being presented to you with a request to formulate your own views on the Holy Qur’an and Science: both of them related to each other and rather they are compatible and not contradictory to each other that is what my book sheds light about them. Thank you and Allah Hafiz.

Cost of Book is $15.00, available at www.booksurge.com a subsidiary of Amazon.com.

Also at Burbank and Chicago


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