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12 years 10 months ago #313 by zakash

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12 years 10 months ago #314 by Ammtul Mehdi
Assalam aliakum Brother Jamil,

Very nice to see that you have made exclusive thread to post about Eid Ul Adha,a few things that I would like to request about Eid to other Mahdavi Brothers and sisters.

1. Eid is not just about me and my family, its a time to think about others. Specially those who cannot afford to celebrate it.

2. When you divide meat, one part for family, one for relatives and one for poor. Try to think of the poor relatives that you have and give more priority to them.

3. Poor people(like servants, maids, or strangers) should not just be given organ meat(intestine etc), they deserve a share in the meat. Put your self in their place and think from their perspective. Think this way, you are not giving to poor you are giving it to Allah. And He will be returning seventy times more than what you are giving.

4. Rich or Upper middle class relatives do have a right on your Qurbaani meat but your meat will lie in their freezer for several days before getting cooked. As they will have their own Qurbani meat to take care of. So you effort to spend money, buy an animal, perform sacrifice , pack meat and deliver to their home is hardly appreciated by rich relatives and barely rewarded by Allah.

If you make a little more effort and find a poor family deliver the meat. The family which cannot buy an animal can still have good food to eat and celebrate the Eid. They will pray for your family and Allah will reward you for your good deed.

5. Qurbani is not about your class or status. If you owe money to someone you are not obligated to perform Qurbani rather you should pay your debts first. In one of the wierdest cases that I came across, a person borrowed money to buy an animal for Qurbani , he thought if everyone is sacrificing and he does not people will think he is poor or incapable of spending money.

Eid or other festivities must be celebrated alongwith commonsense. The purpose is to gain reward from Allah and appreciate and thanks for the things Allah has given us. Not to show off your wealth.

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