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Dear Brothers & Sisters in Faith


First of all accept our heartiest greetings on Milad-e-Mehdi Al-Maud Alaihiassalaam.

We the residents of Dammam and nearby areas gathered for 584 Birth-Day celebration of our beloved Imamuna Khatemain Vilayat-e-Mohammadia Hazrat Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri Mahdi Al-Maud Alaiasalaam on Wednesday 28 April, 2010 (14 Rabi A Thani 1431 H) keeping the importance of Hijri Date at the residence of Mohammed Baquer Hameed Sahib which located near Dammam Shopping Center.

Programme started with congregation Isha Prayer which followed by Tasbeeh and Guest of Honor to Janab Mohammed Ismail Sahib who is on a visit to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Janab Syed Mehmood Tashrifullahi Sahib (President Al-Musaddiq Co-operative Society, Dammam, KSA) which followed by recitation of Holy Qura'an by master Mohammed Ishaq Hameed (Alais Sharoosh) then na'at-e-mehdi by Janab Syed Maqsood Vasim Sahib then speech by Janab Syed Ibrahim Ashrafi Sahib then Na'at-e-Mehdi by Janab Syed Nusrat Ali Al-Mahdavi Sahib then speech by one of the most popular poet of our community who presently invited by each and every community of India and Pakistan through-out Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Janab Syed Shiraz Mehdi Zia (KFUPM, Dhahran) who lights on the daily activities of duties of Mahdavis, importance of Zikr Allah etc., etc., after his speech dinner were served (Allah Diya). Programme concludes with thanks by Mohammed Baquer Hameed and Mohammed Ifteqar Ali Khan.

We thanks almighty Allah, his messenger (PBUH), Khalifatullah (PBUH) who enable us to organized these type of community rituals far away from our homeland and on stipulated Hijri Dates.

Syed Ishaq Mahmoodi

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