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As we continue to add and test more features to the Beta Version of Mahdavia.com, we are glad to inform you about the addition of a few new features- most notably:


1.) The Holy Qur’an – with recitation and transliterations, to start with we have published, Surah Ya Seen and Surah Ar-Rahman in the Video Gallery.


2.)   Mahdavia Islamic Calendar: 

Apart from USA and Canada, Calendar is now available for Australia, India, Pakistan & UK.  

3.) Ziyarat:

 Members can add information to the existing Ziyarat information, such as Travel, Night Stay, nearest emergency facilities etc., on the related pages through Comment Section at the bottom on each page. Map will be available shortly.  

Future Additions

1.) Mahdavia Encyclopedia:

  Apart from religious places and personalities, we invite members of Mahdavia community to write Biographies of people, who in your opinion have contributed to the community in any field or under any capacity. That person might be your family member or relative, friend, teacher or your Murshid.  This is an effort to preserve our history of Mahdavia contribution.


2. Career Guidance:

This section has been always on our list. However, as other religious sections have taken precedence, this has been constantly put on hold, Inshallah, we will start this section shortly.

We appreciate your registration and the complements you have sent and hope to see more participation and contributions from all the members and guests so as to connect all the Mahdavis living across the globe through Mahdavia Community’s Religious, Educational and Social Networking Portal.

We have noticed a significant number of incomplete registrations; please follow the steps on the “Registration Help” under “Forums” to complete your registration process.


Also, under Forum, there is a “Suggestion Box”, so feel free to drop us a note (suggestion, feed back, ideas etc.). We want to hear from you and strive to make this site better and more user friendly for our guests and members alike.




Mahdavia Admin. Team


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