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Moon Sighting Live Updates PDF Print E-mail
Written by admin team   
Saturday, 24 June 2017 00:00


  Welcome to Mahdavia Ruiyat e Hilal's   

 "Moon Sighting Live Updates"

At 12:10 PM: Moon Sighting Live Updates in Progress!

Eid-ul-Fitr 1438H  DECLARATION 

"Faqueer Abulfatah Syed Nusrat hereby declares that the Hilal of SHAWWAL 1438H was NOT SIGHTED at anyplace in North America on the 29th of RAMZAN 1438H i.e. Saturday, June 24, 2017. 

As such RAMZAN will complete 30 days and the EID-UL-FITR ( the 1st of SHAWWAL 1438H ) will be on Monday, June 26, 2017. 

May Allah reward all our Shahideen (Moon Sighting Volunteers) who made an effort to sight the Hilal.



So Far there is No Verifiable Positive Hilal Sighting report from anyplace in mainland USA

 Hilal was also Not Sighted in Bakersfield, Simi Valley, Granada Hills and Los Angeles in California, Las Vegas, NV etc.

Alhamdulillah, Mahdavia Ruiyat e Hilal has been providing Moon Sighting Information to determine acurate Islamic Dates evary month since about past three decades under the Spiritual Guidance of Hazrat Moulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla Tashreefullahi in North America. 

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 June 2017 05:12
Guidelines for Moon Sighting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mahdavia Ruiyat-e-Hilal   
Sunday, 22 July 2012 20:22
Guidelines for Moon Sighting & Posting Reports:

*Please go out around Maghrib (Sunset) and try to sight the Crescent Moon on the 29th of every Lunar Month.

*If you sight the Crescent Moon please call Peer wo Murshid at the following numbers and give Shadath (testimony).
Phone# 773 7645707, 773 317 9292 or 773 9812786.
Last Updated on Sunday, 04 June 2017 00:23
Expanding Matla Proves To Be Wrong PDF Print E-mail
Written by S Noor Mohammad   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 18:49

It may be recalled that in the last lunar month of Zul Qada 1430H the New Moon was not sighted on the 29th throughout the mainland US and Canada. However, there were reports of the Hilal sighting from Trinidad, a Caribbean Island which is located about 1630 Miles southeast of the sea shores of Miami, Florida in the mainland USA. It may also be recalled that the Caribbean Islands were not included in the Matla (moon sighting horizon) of the US and Canada due to its far-off distance by consensus of the Ulema of US and Canada. In spite of this, some Organizations including the newly formed Central Hilal Committee which is based in New York, changed the Matla and declared inclusion of Caribbean Islands in the Matla of US and Canada. This was against the earlier decision of Ulemas of N America to exclude the Caribbean Islands, Alaska and Hawaii due to their far off distance from the mainland US and Canada which was endorsed and supported by the Ulemas from Saudi Arabia, Egypt,  India and Pakistan etc.  

Last Updated on Sunday, 04 June 2017 00:25
Issue of Matla-The Moon Sighting Horizon PDF Print E-mail
Written by S. Noor Mohammad   
Thursday, 26 November 2009 04:07

Every year the beginning of Islamic months especially Ramzan, Shawal and Zul Hajjah have been marred with confusion and chaos in most of the Muslim countries, USA and Canada are no different. This is due to the fact that Ulemas as well as the Governments in the Muslim countries interpret the Islamic Guidelines laid down by Qur’an and Sunnah of the ProphetPBUH differently. In North America the problem becomes manifold due to the fact of diverse Muslim populations which come from all over the world including Middle East, India, Pakistan as well as African countries. Each ethnic group brings in their own cultures, traditions and practices which add to confusion about the start of Islamic Months.

Last Updated on Sunday, 04 June 2017 00:24
Moon Sighting Appeal for SHAWWAL 1438H PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peer wo Murshid Haz. Maulana Abulfatah S Nusrat Qibla Tashreefullahi   
Friday, 23 June 2017 00:00

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

 Faqueer Abulfatah Syed Nusrat makes an earnest appeal to all the brothers and sisters in Faith to keep alive the Sunnah of our beloved ProphetSAS and try to sight the New Moon (Hilal) of SHAWWAL on the 29thof RAMZAN 143 H (which happens to be on Saturday, June 24, 2017 in North America). Numerous traditions (Ahadith) promise immense Divine reward for those who try to keep a Sunnah of the ProphetSAS alive.

Last Updated on Friday, 23 June 2017 23:18

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