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Seeking forgiveness on Day of Ashura (10 Moharram)

We Mahdavis on the occasion of Youm Ashura (10th day of Moharram), seek forgiveness from our brethren.

 This practice of seeking forgiveness just after Fajr prayers on this day is in following with the practice of  Shaheed e Karbala Hz Sayedna Imam Hussain RZ. On this day before proceeding for war he asked forgiveness with all his family & members of his caravan.

This practice is very important due to the fact that –

 The sins that human beings commit towards Allah (Huquq-al-Allah), like non performance of obligatory prayers (namaz, roza etc) are sins purely towards Allah and Allah may forgive them. However, Allah has said, the sins committed towards other human beings (Huquq-el-ibad) would not be forgiven until that person forgives them. So it is very important we get ourselves freed of our sins towards other human beings in this world itself.

Though there is no particular day or time fixed to ask for this forgiveness. But due the following facts and the practice of Hz Imam Hussain RZ this day and time (just after fajr prayer) is the most ideal.

 The day of 10th of Muharram which has great significance not only in the history of Islam but in the history of mankind as a whole, the following are the important events that occurred on this auspicious day as described below.

·         On this day Hz. Adam AS, Hz. Ibrahim AS, Hz. Musa AS were born.

·         On this day Hz. Adam (AHS) & Eve were descended on the earth, since they were apart from each other repenting for hundreds of years, at last when Allah pardoned them they were again re-united on the 10th day of Muharram.

·         On this day Allah accepted the tauba of Hz. Adam (AHS) and Hz. Dawood (AHS).

·         On this day Hz.Isa (AHS) and Hz. Idris (AHS) were raised to the sky.

·         On this day the Hz. Noah's (AHS) Ark (ship) was parked on Mount. Jodi.

·         On this day Hz Ibrahim (AHS) was relieved from Namrud's fire,

·         On this day Hz. Yusuf (AHS) from the stomach of Hut (fish),

·         On this day Hz. Ayub (AHS) relieved from separation of Yusuf (AHS),

·         On this day Allah spoke directly to Hz.Moosa (AHS) and gave him Commandments.

·         On this day Hz. Moosa (AHS) & and followers crossed the sea by miracle, and pharaoh( firoun ) and his men were drowned.

·         On this day the universe was formed and the first rain fell.

·         As proved by numerous Hadiths, the day of Qiyamat ( Doomsday ) would be on this day (10th of  Moharram).

Further, this act of forgiving each other on the 10th day of Muharram is not an innovation in our religion  or in our community, In fact, it is the exact practice of our forefathers, which is in accordance to the practices of our Prophet Mohammed PBUH, who has practically practiced as well as instructed us to forgive each and everyone from time to time.

His practice was very well followed by his grand son Imam Hussain (RZ) too, before he went for war and got Martyred , he had asked for forgiveness from all his friends and relatives. Thus he set an practical example for us to follow and our forefathers followed him thereby asked us also to practice the right way by forgiving the works and deeds of the people for the sake of Allah on the 10th day of Muharram.

Therefore, there is not a single act in our community which does not strictly adhere to the rational teachings of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and this itself is the strongest proof that we are the true followers of the religion of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and His companions. No sect in the 72 odd sects of Islam has this true practice of forgiving each other as it should be on the 10th day of Muharram.

In the book of traditions, (Hadees) this day is also referred as the virtuous day, so let's do good and set an example for others to follow by  forgetting all our differences and discrepancies that our hearts are filled up with, keeping aside all our problems and disputes  for the sake of Allah, let's forgive each and every one on this day.

Would you find any better day than this for seek forgiveness?

Wastey Allah ke Wastey Rasul (SAW) aur Mahdi -e Maud (AS) ke Mera Bola Chala Maaf karen. Main ne maaf kiya aap maaf karen.

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