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Ummul Musaddiqeen Hazrat Bibi Illahdadi RZ

Zulhajj 2 Bahr-e-Aam & Zulhajj 3 URS of Hzt Bibi IllahdadiRZ w/o  Imamuna MehdiAHS

All thanks and Praises are for Allah SWT, His help we seek and His guidance we search for; whomsoever Allah permits to go astray shall never have guidance, whomsoever Allah guides shall never be misled. Alhamdu Lillah, as usual this article was completed only and only by His grace and by the Sadaqa of Qatamain AS, Syedain RZ and Siddiqain RZ.
 This article is dedicated to my ancestors.

 Authors Note: Before the start of this article, this illiterate, Haqir and Humble would like to thank all those personalities who were instrumental and helpful in the compilation. I regret that only concise details are presented. I am grateful and thankful for the encouragement and help I have received from the various quarters of the community while compiling this article based and verified as per the documentation available from various silsilas of the cummunity. Any enquiry related with this article can be sent on my personal email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive reply / clarifications. Mails on the group seeking reply will not be entertained by this khadim – Taher.
Ummul Musaddiqin Hzt Bibi Syeda AllahdadiRZ
The Bahr-e-Aam of Ummul Musaddiqin (Mother of all faithfuls) ‘Khatija-tul-Vilayat, Qazi-E-Vilayat, Mother of Muhajireen etc… Hz Bibi Syeda AllahdadiRZ is on 2nd Zilhaj and her Urs is on 3rd Zilhaj, she passed at the age of 36 / 37 years, she was laid to eternal rest at the foot of dongri hills (Pawagadh) at Chapaner, Gujrat.
Hz Bibi Syeda AllahdadiRZ is the 1st wife of Imamuna MehdiAS and was among the 17 persons migrated (did Hijrath) from Jaunpur under the leadership of Imamuna MehdiAS. Her lineage is the same of Imamuna MehdiAS. Their paternal grandfather is Hz Syed QizarRA, who had two sons, i) Ameer Syed AbdullahRA alias ‘Syed Khan’ and ii) Ameer Syed JalaluddinRA.
i) Ameer Syed Abdullah RA alias Syed Khan had 2 sons, Miyan Syed Ahmed RA and Miran Syed Muhammad (i.e Imamuna Mehdi-E-Maoud AS).
ii) Ameer Syed Jalaluddin RA had 3 sons and 2 daughters, Miyan Syed Salalmullah RZ, Miyan Syed Kareemullah RZ, Miyan Syed Abdul Ghani RA, Bibi Rasti RA and Bibi Allahdadi RZ.
[Both these daughters were married to their cousins Miyan Syed Ahmed RA and Miran Syed Muhammed Jaunpuri ‘Imam Mehdi AS’ (sons of Ameer Syed Abdullah RA alias Syed Khan) respectively].
In the mehdavia literature Bibi Syeda Allahdadi RZ is addressed as ’Bibi Kalan RZ’ in Persian, ‘Bibi Atiyatullah’ in Arabic and ‘Bibi Allahdadi RZ’ in Hindi and Urdu respectfully. Historians report that she was born in 854H / 855H (1451-52 CE). Having religious family background she was a pious child and was not a neglector of prayers etc. In 866H, she was approximately 11/12 years old, she was married to her cousin Hz Miran Syed Muhammed Jaunpuri AS, he was 19 years old. Meanwhile, Hz Shaikh Daniyal RZ called the Imam AS as “Syed al-Awliya” (the Chief of the Saints). The fame of the Imam AS as the saint became widespread.
Later he went on to become ‘The Promised Mehdi-e-Maoud AS, Khalifatullah’, by the command of Allah SWT. As per traditions we come to know that he was very fond of Bibi RZ, this holy couple was together until she breathed her last.
In 867H Imam AS was 20 years old, their first and eldest daughter Bibi Syeda Qunza was born, this child was Imam AS favorite and being eldest child he use to call her Bibi Badan RZ in this way she is known as Bibi Syeda Qunza Badan RZ.
In 869H Imam AS was 22 years old, a son was born and was named Syed Mehmood RZ and regarding this illustrious son, Imam AS said the difference between us is, I am ‘Promised Mehdi’ and he is not ‘Promised Mehdi’, later this son was addressed as ‘Hz Sani-E-Mehdi RZ’ and became the first khalifa of Imam Mehdi AS.
In 876H Imam AS was 29 years old, nearly seven years later a daughter was born and was named Bibi Syeda Qunza Fatima RZ, all these 3 children were born in Jaunpur before migration.
In 885H, Imam AS was 38 years old, was in the state of Jazba, after the victory over Raja Kapileshwar Rai Dalpathi (Dalpath Rai) of Gaur (Gaud) at Bengal. One day Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Illahdad Jaunpuri RZ sent word in the audience of Bibi Allahdadi RZ to accept his son in the family. It happened that when Imam AS was in the state of consciusness she spoke about the marriage proposl sent for their eldest daughter with Hz Miyan Syed Abu Bakar Jaunpuri RZ son of Hz Miyan Syed Ilahdad Jaunpuri RZ. Imam AS said Allah SWT sent this proposal and Insha Allah the marriage will be performed tonight and Imam AS himself read the ‘Qutba-e-Nikaah’ Marriage Sermon and gave his eldest daughter in marriage. Imamuna Mehdi AS performed their marriage in 885 Hijri. This couple (his daughter and son-in-law) also migrated from Jaunpur under the leadership of Imamuna Mehdi AS. Their graves are behind the Radhanpur Railway Station, which is 5 KM away from Bhelot.
In the 12 years during which the Imam AS was in the state of ‘Jazba-e-Haq’ Divine ecstasy. He was not at all conscious for 7 years, but he performed the 5 daily prayers and did not eat nor drank a drop of water in these 7 years. But In the remaining 5 years he ate little food and drank water but very little. In this period once he woke for Isha prayers offered the prayer and asked for drinking water, until water was brought he again went into the state of Jazba. She stood whole night with the water in her hands. Imam AS woke up in the last hour of the night and saw Bibi RZ was standing with the water, he asked her as to why she has brought the water now? When the Bibi RZ apprised the situation to Imam AS, he was greatly moved and again asked water for wazu ‘ablution’ and then performed 2 rakats of 'tahiyatal wazu' and prayed to Allah SWT, that HE bless Bibi RZ for her service done to him (Imam AS) and here, some historians record that he gave her ‘various Bisharath’ glad tidings and some record he gave her ‘a collective Bisharath’ glad tiding to her, But the contents are one and the same.
Hz Imamuna AS said,
O Allah! As this woman has provided me comfort (at every stage) by serving me, please her with Your ‘Deedar’ [Vision].
And said, Allah has blessed any person, who drank water in your house, and the members of your house, your elders and your descendants." (he repeated this line 3 times “thrice”) and said,
‘The seven generations (7 Pushth) of Bibi Allahdadi RZ are ‘Qatai Jannathi’.
 [Please go through the other glad tidings ‘Bisharath’ she received after her demise at the end of the article, different books have different sequences, Allah knows best, He is Samee and Baseer.] In 886H, i.e 1481 CE, Imam AS was 39 years old. Princess Saleema Khatoon the issueless sister of Sultan Hussain Sharqi, the ruler of Sharqia Dynasty sent a 12-Year young boy (Hz Shah Dilawar RZ) in the audience of Imam AS. Imam AS adopted him and he became the adopted son of Imam AS and a member of the Holy family of Imam-Ul-Alameen AS and moreover received glad tidings from Imam AS.
Imamuna AS started his historical migration “Hijrath” from his hometown of Jaunpur that lasted nearly 23 long years. Atlast this long trek of migration ended at Farah Mubarak where he breathed his last. About 17 persons accompanied Imam AS in the initial stage of migration. He left his house, his relations and everything in the city of Jaunpur and started the longest migration ever done by a Prophet or a Saint ‘Vali’. He never ever returned to that place and sometimes he sent letters to his relatives in Jaunpur.
Hz Bibi Allahdadi RZ was the first woman to do ‘tasdiq’ bring faith on Imam AS before he literally claimed as ‘The Promised Mehdi AS’ this was in the year probably in 887H at Danapur in Bihar, approximately 170 miles east of Jaunpur. In Danapur his elder son Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Mehmood RZ did tasdiq and after offering the Zuhr prayers his adopted son Hz Bandagi Miyan Shah Dilawar RZ also did tasdiq on the hands of Imam AS in this city.
After the birth of her 4th child ‘Miran Syed Ajmal RZ’, post delivery complications started and due to this the Bibi RZ passed away in Chapaner, Gujrat. Imam AS announced her death in the Daira and said, ‘Brothers, today your mother has passed away’. After her demise, her eldest daughter Hz Bibi Qunza Badan RZ took charge of the cooking in her tender age, then the command of Allah SWT arrived regarding Saviath (distribution of equal shares), then the Saviath system started and Imamuna AS distributed equal shares and from then onwards the ‘Muhajirin’ (migrating companions) i.e the inmates of the Daira had to do their own cooking. Until the Bibi RZ was alive she use to do all the cooking, the fuqara of his Daira and the family of Imamuna AS use to share their food from the same vessel (Deg).
Hz Bibi Qunza Badan RZ, Bandagi Miran Hz Syed Mehmood RZ and Hz Bibi Qunza Fatima RZ were born to her in Jaunpur; Bandagi Miran Hz Syed Ajmal RZ was born when she was in migration. This infant son passed away in the city of Mandogarh (Mando) the capital of the ‘State of Malwa’ and he was laid to rest in the Old graveyard.
For reader’s information: - Imamuna AS visited Mando during the reign of Sultan Naseeruddin Khilji, he is son of Ghiasuddin Khilji, after killing his brother Allauddin Khilji and his mother Queen Khursheed he had occupied the throne by imprisoning his father.
On 3rd Zilhaj 891H (30th Nov 1486AD), Bibi Allahdadi RZ passed away and as per her request the chadar (spread cloth) of Imamuna AS was used for her and she was laid to rest in the Dongri Hills, East of Ek Minar Masjid in Chapaner. Bandagi Miyan Syed Salamullah RZ elder brother of Bibi Allahdadi RZ wanted to keep some identification of the grave but Imamuna AS said:
‘Bibi is not in the grave and you want to make a grave, and said, before the back of Bibi RZ can touch the earth Allah SWT had taken her mortal remains’.
The visitors / zaireen recite Fatiha standing in that direction without knowing the exact location.
Imamuna AS bestowed her with the titles and glad tidings ‘Bisharath’ of ‘Khatija-tul-Vilayat, Qazi-E-Vilayat, Mother of Muhajireen, etc. After her demise Imamuna AS disclosed that, Bibi Allahdadi RZ never did prostration 'Sajda' without ‘deedar-e-Ilahi’ from last 12 years.
It is Well-known in the Mehdavia Community, some special practices are attributed through her and were performed for the first time after her demise and these purely Islamic practices still continue.
 1.) The distribution of Saviath (Equal Shares) in Mehdavia:
After the demise of Bibi Allahdadi RZ her eldest daughter Bibi Syeda Qunza Badan RZ took the entire responsibility. Earlier Bibi Allahdadi RZ use to cook for the inhabitants of the Daira as a mother looks after her children. On the command of Allah SWT, Hz Imamuna AS did the ‘SAVIATH’ Equal Shares, from then onwards the system of saviath started and the inmates were given their share of whatever received in the daira and was shared equally in the Daira without making any distinction.
In short, infact it was after the death of Hz Bibi Allahdadi RZ, the system [tariqa] of sawiyyat [equal distribution of the received donations] started under the command of Allah SWT. Earlier the practice was that all the fuqara [the indigent inmates of the daira] and the wife and the children of the Imamuna AS used to share their meals from the same vessel [deg] and Bibi Allahdadi RZ cooked the meal.
 2.) The distribution of Sweet (i.e Sugar) after funeral:
The tradition of distribution of Sweet (i.e Sugar) among the participants after the funeral rites was commenced after the burial of the mortal remains of Bibi Allahdadi RZ. Because it is well known that the Mehdavis follow the Quran and Sunnah in toto. So in accordance with the Holy Quranic injunction "Innassalwatu wa nuski wa muhyai wa mumathi…" (i.e) ”When the dead are buried the sadness should end and the creator ‘owner’ takes back (its creation)"…. So there is no sadness in it and in this way the attendees are bid farewell with sweet mouth. Some might have different modes of explanation; But Allah knows best, He is samee and baseer.
 3.) The start of ‘Bahr-e-Aam’ from here:
When the Bibi RZ was on her deathbed Imam AS asked her to say something for the sisters of the Daira. In reply she said, what is hidden from Miranji AS, I do not own any materialistic thing which can be put in a will 'Wasiyat' and said, what ever Allah SWT had bestowed on me be distributed in the inmates of the daira. So in accordance to her wish, Imamuna AS distributed her faiz i.e ‘Bahr-e-Vilayath-e-Muqayyad-e-Muhammadiyah Baraye Qaas-o-Aam’. There was not much food / eatables available in the house, so Imam AS distributed whatever food was available in the house and it was distributed in the inmates of the Daira. Actually it was the faiz of the Bibi Allahdadi RZ, which was distributed by the noble hands of Imamuna AS in the inmates of the Daira.
 4.) The start of ‘Oud fragrant water’ from here:
Next year on the occasion of her Bahr-e-Aam, i.e a day before her Urs, Imamuna AS said, tomorrow is the URS of Bibi Allahdadi RZ and with this he asked for whatever food / eatables available in the house to be distributed on the occasion of her Bahr-e-Aam, there was nothing eatables available in the house so he asked for ‘Oud’ and it was given to him. So he gave Oud in a vessel and filled it with water and distributed the ‘Oud fragrant water’ in the inmates of his Daira. Since then the giving of Oud also started in the community on Bahr-e-Aam / Urs and this act also complies exactly as per a tradition hadees of the noble prophet SAS.
How the term ‘Bahr-e-Aam’ came in existence:
From the long term of ‘Bahr-e-Vilayath-e-Muqayyad-e-Muhammadiyah baraye Qaas-o-Aam’, the first and the last words are pronounced to make it short for ‘Bahr-e-Aam’ from then onwards the occasion of the distribution of faiz (Nareza) is referred as ‘Bahr-e-Aam’. The Murshid (Hakim of the Daira) distributes the faiz (Nareza) in the gathering as per the receiver’s Spiritual station / status.
How the Servings (of Nareza) are given:
Four servings for the Tarik-e-Dunya ahle Irshad
Three servings for the Talib-e-Khuda
Two servings for the Kasib, women and children
How the term ‘Nareza’ came into existence:
While following the system of ‘Bahr-e-Aam’ during the times of Hz Bandagi Miyan Malik Ilahdad ‘Khalifah Groh RZ’ (Khalifa ‘Successor’ of Syed-ush-Shuhada Hz Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ ‘Siddiq-e-Vilayat’) once on the occasion of ‘Bahr-e-Aam’ there was starvation and no eatables were available in his daira and only some bread ‘Nan/Roti’ was available, so he did small pieces ‘Reza, Reza’ of that Nan/Roti and distributed these pieces of bread i.e ‘Nan Reza’ in the inmates of the Daira, So with the passage of time and the rigourous use of this word the ‘Nan Reza’ went on to become ‘Nareza’.
The distribution of faiz in Nabuah:
This distribution of faiz complies exactly the sunnath of noble prophet SAS, as per a tradition, one of his companions Hz Abu Huraira RZ related ‘The Noble prophet SAS said, spread your cloak and with his noble hands he SAS put something thrice and Hz Abu Huraira RZ took it and kept on his chest/head. It is said that from that time onwards he never forget a single word he heard from anybody and his spiritual elevation also started he had narrated many Ahadis of the Noble Prophet SAS as he heard and saw in practice (he related approximately 5300 Traditions).
Only the noble prophet SAS and his noble companion Hz Abu Huraira RZ knew what was put in his cloak and what he kept on his chest/head. So in this way the Murshid also distributes the Nariza i.e the "Bahr-e-Vilayath-e-Muqayyad-e-Muhammadiyah baraye Qaas-o-Aam" a day before the Urs of that departed noble soul and with our naked eyes we are just able to see eatables like Chana, Loba, shirni, Jilebi etc… in physical form.
So the above mentioned well-known special practices in the Groh-e-Mehdavia are attributed through her and were performed for the first time after her demise and these 4 purely Islamic practices still continue. 
Qadambosi is done twice in Bahr-e-Aam: -
One more important act is performed ‘twice’ on the occasion of ‘Bahr-e-Aam’ and it is being practiced from the times of Imamuna AS that is Qadambosi. Qadambosi of the present ‘Hakim-E-Daira’ i.e of 'Murshid' is done twice in every Bahr-e-Aam (i.e) once after taking the ‘Bahr-e-Vilayath-e-Muqayyad-e-Muhammadiyah’ for one and all i.e after receiving the Nareza (Nanreza) and second time after the recitation of the tasbeeh (The article of faith and statement of Belief). 

The Non-utterance of Allah Diya in distribution: -
An important and esoteric part involved in the distribution of Nariza in the ‘Bahr-e-Aam’. In Mehdavia it is one of the most common and general practice saying ‘Allah Diya’ while giving something. But this is not observed while giving / distributing ‘Nariza’. Because distribution of Nariza from Hand to hand comes directly in the acts of ‘Af’aal-e-Irshadi’ and it is the spiritual status of the Murshid that is derived in this noble and holy act. Here everyone has to understand ‘Who is giving, what is being given and who is taking and what is being taken’. This is the reason Allah Diya is not uttered. Again if any question arises in mind, why ‘Allah Diya’ is not uttered here? He/she is advised to consult their Murshid personally. 

Who is “Hakim of the Daira” in present scenario: -
Be it known that in the present scenario many of the Daira's have disintegrated into flourishing localities and some places are just left with a “Mosque or a graveyard / Hazira", but at many places no sign at all but the Irshadi continues. Whatever it is, still the Hakim is the ‘Murshid’ even if the Murshid is with / without the ownership of a Daira / Hazira or a Mosque of his own. This is the simplicity and greatness of Mehdaviat due to the teachings of Imam Mehdi AS the Taaba’e Taam (Perfect follower) of Noble Prophet SAS.
1st version:
The camp of the Imam AS was Chapaneer near Vadodara (in Gujarat). Here the Imam AS stayed for 18 months. At this place, the wife of Hz Imam Mahdi AS, Hzt Bibi IlahditiRZ, died on the 3rd of Zil-Hajja (the twelfth month of Muslim Calendar) leaving behind her three-month son, Hz Ajmal RZ. Hz Bibi Budhan RZ informed the Imam AS that a gold tinka (local coin) was found lying on the bed of Hz Bibi Ilahditi RZ. The Imam AS ordered, “Bring it so that the forehead of the Bibi RZ can be branded after heating it because the BibiRZ had claimed to have trust in God (tawakkal).” Bibi RZ’s brother, Hz Miyan Syed Salamullah RZ, heard about the command of the Imam AS and ran to him. He told the Imam AS, “I say it on oath that the tinka did not belong to Bibi Ilahditi RZ. It was owned by Hz Bibi FatimaRZ, her daughter.”
Then, Hz Imam Mahdi AS said,
“I knew that the Bibi RZ possessed nothing except Allah Most High. However, under the Shariat of Hz Rasool-Allah SAS, it was necessary to order the branding her forehead with the red-hot tinka to protect her from being branded in the Hereafter.”
2nd Version:
It is narrated that when Bibi AIlahdati (RZ) died, a piece of gold was found in her clothes. Imam Mahdi (AS) was informed of it. The Imam (AS) said, "Heat the piece of gold and brand her (body)." Miyan Salamullah (RZ) (brother of the Bibi) was supervising the digging of the grave. When he heard about the Imam's orders for branding the Bibi (RZ), he came running to the Imam (AS) and said, "This banda (servant of Allah) knows for certain that this piece of gold belongs to Bibi Fatima (RZ) daughter of Imam Mahdi (AS) and not to Bibi Ilahdati (RZ) (wife of the Imam (AS))." Then, the Imam (AS) said, "Give it to whom it belongs." The piece of gold was given to Bibi Fatima (RZ).
3rd version:
It is narrated that when Bibi Ilahdati RZ died, a gold tinka (coin) was found in her garments.  Imam Mahdi AS said, “Heat the coin and brand her on the forehead. Prophet Muhammad SLM too had done like that.”  When this news spread, Miyan Syed Salamullah RZ, who was supervising the digging of her grave, came hastily and told the Imam AS on oath that the tinka was not of Bibi Illahdati RZ but was that of Bibi Fatima RZ (the daughter of the Imam AS).”  The Imam AS said, “Give it to whom it belongs.”
Imamuna AS gave these glad tidings ‘Bisharat’ in her favour.
‘The Bibi RZ had nothing to do with anybody except Allah Most High. I know that the Bibi RZ trusted in Allah (mutawakkil) and claimed to be a mutawakkil.’
‘She was distinguished among the women.’
‘She was the seeker of the zath-e-wahid (Allah).’

*Note:  Taher Md. Saheb is a regular contributor to this site as well as other groups, he is the son of  Mohammed Saheb, Vice-President Idara Tableegh-e-Mehdavia, Musheerabad, Hyderabad, India

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