Significance of Practice


 Significance of Practice in the Teachings of Caliph of God,
 The Promised Imam MahdiPBUH

By Peer o Murshid Hazrat Maulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla Tashreefullahi

It is related that before his demise, Imamuna Hazrat Syed Muhammad Mahdipbuh, recited the following verses of the Qur’an and gave the Divinely inspired interpretation of them:

“Say thou (O Muhammad) this is my way,
I do invite unto Allah on an insight clear as the seeing with ones’ eyes,
I and the one who followeth me. Glory be to Allah! and I am not of the polytheists”

                                                                                                           (Al-Qur’an S12/V108) 
  “Today I have perfected your religion for you, and I have approved Islam for your religion.”  
                                                                                                             (Al-Qur’an, S5/ V3) 


  One of the companions sobbed loudly. The Imam MAHD  I  pbuh  said:

"Whatever was to be informed from Allah the Most High, I have already informed you. Now it is for you to practice or not."                                                                           Naqliyat, Mian Abdul-RasheedRz

According to a somewhat detailed narration, the companion who cried was Shah NiamatRz.... Hearing it, the Imampbuh asked: “who is crying.”

The Shah said: “it is my humble-self-Niamat.”
The Imam said:

“Mian Niamat! This is not the time to cry, this servant of Allah is still amongst you. As long as you follow me keeping in view the purpose of my Da-wah, and continue practicing my teaching, know that this servant of Allah (Banda) is amongst you. The time to cry is the time, when (God forbid), the quest for Allah and his remembrance will not remain in your hearts. At that time cry as much as you can. However, God willing, MAHDI and MAHDAVI'S will remain until the day of judgment." Then he sent them away by saying: Assalaam Alaikum.                                                       (AL-MAHDI MA'UD). 

This makes amply clear to all of us that Practice is an absolutely necessary requisite for success in this life and the life hereafter. This is evident from the Qur’an and the Traditions of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. The Book of Allah lays down that:  

                             “Whatever works righteousness benefits his own soul; 
                                  Whatever works evil, it is against his own soul:
                            Nor is thy Lord ever unjust (in the least) to His servants”         (Al-Qur’an 46/41)

Every action, big or small, in this world, makes us answerable in the life here after. Thus the Book of Allah lays down:

                      "Then shall anyone who has done an atom's weight of good, see it!
                        And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil, shall see it.”    (Al-Qur’an 7-8/99)

According to a well-known tradition,  the Last of all Prophetspbuh asked his beloved daughter FatimaRz to practice and not to depend on being her daughter of the Prophet.

Caliph of Allah, Imam MAHDIpbuh laid so much emphasis on practice that he said:

“Confirming faith in MAHDI lies in (putting his teachings into) practice and not in mere acceptance or belief.”                                                                               (Naqliat-e-Mian Abdul RasheedRz)

Throughout his relentless call toward Allah, right from Jaunpur (India) to Mecca and from Mecca to Farah (Afghanistan), he made millions to wake up and realize the indispensable need to practicing Islam with whole-hearted love.

It is related that once Imam MAHDIpbuh said:

"On the Day of Judgment, Allah will not question anybody about his genealogy as to whose son was he? He will question about the whole-hearted practice"- Amal-ba-Ikhlas in  Persian           (Naqliat)

It is reported that that Imam MAHDIpbuh once asked:

“What is incumbent on a seeker by means of which he can reach God?”

Then he himself answered that it is Ishque. How Ishque can be attained? He said that "the seeker should always keep attention of his heart toward Allah, the Most High.” Note that keeping attention of heart towards Allah is the essence of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah). All the obligatory duties enjoined by Islam, remind a Muslim about his Lord. For instance, Salah (prayer five times a day) is meant to make a Muslim remember Allah. The Holy Qur’an has ordained thus: 

                                            “…. Establish Prayer for My Dhikr.”                   (20-14)

  Imam MAHDIpbuh exhorts his followers thus:

                                     “Wherever you are, keep remembering Allah.” 

It is related that once Imam MAHDIpbuh  noticed that a person ( in the gathering) was breaking a dried stalk of grass into small bits without any purpose. He asked him to give respite for a moment to the angels who are recording his deeds.

It is related that if anyone requested the Imam MAHDIpbuh to grant a piece of his clothes or his used shoes just to keep it with him for benediction, the Imam used to say that: "even if you wear the very skin of this servant of God (MAHDI), you will not get salvation until you practice what this servant of God (MAHDI) says.” (Naqliyat).

Thus the Imam MAHDIpbuh removed even the possibility of superstitious reliance on holy-relics that they can absolve one from his answerability for practice. The Imam said that there should be character. However, one should not look at his own character with pride. Once the Imam MAHDIpbuh  recited a Persian couplet that means as follows: 

"If you are following me and live in Yemen, (a far off place) believe that you are before me; if you do not follow me and live before me, believe that you are in Yemen."   

 Imam MAHDIpbuh  said: "accepting him lies in obeying him, and accepting without practice is rejected.”

It is evident from the teachings of Imam MAHDIpbuh that “Practice” is indispensable for the faithful for his success and salvation and more so for seeking God. May Allah give us the wisdom to realize the importance of “Practice” and its blessings and also the horrible consequences of neglecting it.  May Allah give us will and determination to follow our religion faithfully which was defined by our beloved MAHDIpbuh in the following words:

                                  "Mazhab-e-Ma Kitabullah  Wa Ittiba-e- Muhammadur Rasoolullah”      
             "Our Religion is the Book of God  and to follow Muhammad, the Messenger of Godpbuh