Discover The True Faith of Islam

Discover The True Faith of Islam

To obey and to follow the last of all Prophets, MuhammadPBUH is made obligatory for all men and women by AllahSWT as it is evident from the following verses of the Holy Qur’an:

ay:Obey Allah and the Messenger, But if they turn away, lo !
Allah loveth not the disbelievers (in His guidance).”

32 / Aal-Imraan

"Whoever heeds (the call of) Allah and His Apostle,
him will He admit into gardens through which running waters flow;
whereas him who turns away will He chastise with grievous chastisement.”

17/ Al-Fath

"It is such as obey Allah and His Messenger, And fear Allah and do Right, that will triumph.”

52 / An-Noor


The Holy Qur’an has made it clear that obedience to the MessengerPBUH is in-fact and in effect obedience to Allah SWT.

“ He who obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah;
But whosoever turns away,
We have not sent thee to watch over their (evil deeds).”
80 / An-Nisa

“ And whoso disobeyeth Allah and His Messenger PBUH and transgresseth His limits,
He will make him enter Fire,
where such will dwell forever;
his will be a shameful doom.”
14 / An- Nisa

The above verses of Holy Qur’an make it quite clear that whatever the ProphetPBUH said is to be believed and whatever he asked the UMMAH to do must be done.

The Prophet of AllahSWT, used to receive two kind of revelations (Wahi) from Allah. One was called Wahi-e-Matlu (revelation to be recited) and the other was called Wahi-e-Ghair Matlu (direct revelation without any medium).

Wahi-e-Matlu was the kind which was revealed to the ProphetPBUH through the angel JibreelAS. This was dictated by the ProphetPBUH as it was revealed, preserving every word of it. This became the Holy Qur’an, the last of all Holy Books sent by AllahSWT. On the other hand Wahi-e-Ghair Matlu is the kind of revelation which was also recorded or by-hearted by the companions of the ProphetPBUH, which was in the Prophet’sPBUH own words, unlike the first one. This was by and large the explanation of the first kind of revelation, they are called Ahadiths. So whatever, tradition (Hadith) is related to the ProphetPBUH correctly is to be accepted and followed by the Muslims. This is because the Holy Qur’an asks Muslims:

“ Whoso obeyeth Allah and the Messenger,
they are with those unto whom Allah hath shown favor,
of the Prophets and the saints and martyrs and the righteous.
The best of company are they!"
69 / An-Nisa

The ProphetPBUH made it clear in several traditions (Ahadiths) that there was no Prophet going to come after him.

LA NABI-YA BA-DY (Al-Hadith) this is supported by the Holy Qur’anic verse:

“Muhammad is not the father of any of man among you,
but he is the Messenger of Allah and The Seal of the Prophets;
and Allah is Aware of all things.”
40 / Al-Ahzab

In the light of the above verse whoever claims to be a Prophet of God after Prophet MuhammadPBUH is an imposter. On the other hand, the ProphetPBUH himself prophesied that a Caliph of God will appear amongst his UMMAH, whose name would be his own name and his fathers name too would be Prophets Fathers name. He will belong to the progeny of the Prophet’s daughter FatimaRZ and he would walk on the foot prints of the ProphetPBUH and will not falter. The ProphetPBUH called this Caliph of God AL-MAHDI (The Guided One).

A very large number of traditions (Al-Hadith) describing Imam MAHDIAS and his attributes have been reported by the early scholars of the traditions. All the Muslims from the companions of the ProphetPBHU up to the present day Muslims have believed in this doctrine. However, there is a lot of confusion about the signs to identify Imam MAHDIAS. Moreover, the doctrine has been exploited by so many imposters for political gain. This has further complicated the issue.

The confusion and complication have led some people to reject the very doctrine. They say that there is no MAHDI to come. The solution lies in accepting only such traditions which are sound and reliable. Especially the traditions which have been categorized as Mutawatir (un-broken series, having numerous chains of narrators). These traditions are narrated through four or more channels of narrators in every generation. The sign of Imam MAHDIAS to belong to the progeny of FatimaRZ has been accepted as Mutawatir by its meaning.

Ordained by Allah, the most High, HAZRAT SYED MUHAMMADAS (847-910 Hijri) claimed himself to be the Promised MAHDI. He belonged to the line of FatimaRZ both from his fathers and mothers side. He presented his perfect following of the Holy Qur’an and Prophet MUHAMMADPBUH as his two evidences to prove his claim. He asked people to compare his words and deeds with the Holy Qur’an and his perfect following of the ProphetPBUH. He said that he might be accepted only if there is conformity otherwise he should be imprisoned and killed.

People belonging to different races and countries accepted him only on account of his perfect following of the Holy Qur’an and the MessengerPBUH of AllahSWT. He asserted that his religion was Holy Qur’an and following of the Prophet MuhammadPBUH.

Moral excellence is in fact the most important identification of Imam MAHDIAS because there are several traditions of the ProphetPBUH which say that the coming Khalifatullah (Caliph of God) will have similarity with the ProphetPBUH in moral excellence especially because he will walk on the foot- prints of the ProphetPBUH without a flaw. This is proved from a number of historic evidences for instance he was called by people as Syed-ul-Awliya (Chief of the Saints). Even a bitter enemy of him could not find a defect in his following of the Holy Qur’an and the words and deeds of the ProphetPBUH .He presented these two attributes as his evidences of being true MAHDI. He wrote letters to Kings and others in position of power to verify the truth of his claim in the light of his following of the Holy Qur’an and the ProphetPBUH .He asked them to arrest him or kill him if he was found wrong.

Imam MAHDIAS said:“Mazhab-e-Ma Kitab Ullah Wa Ittiba-e-Muhammad Rasool Ullah”

"Our religion is the Book of God And to follow Muhammad, the Messenger of GodSAS ."

Followers of Hazrat Syed Muhammad, the Promised MahdiAHS, who are known as MAHDAVIS, are found in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Middle-East, Europe, United States and Australia living peacefully alongwith people of different cultures and faiths.

We shall In’sha-Allah (God willing) continue to give more details of the words and deeds, the message and teachings of the promised MAHDI AS in our subsequent submissions.