Tasdiq-e-Imam Mahdi AHS

                                                            Tasdiq-e-Imam Mahdi Aliahis salaam

                                                         USADDIQU ANNAL MAHDI-YAL MAU-UDI
                                                          KHALIFATULLAHI QAD JA'-A’WA MAZA
                                                          IMAMUNA AAMANNA WA SADDAQNA

                                                Affirmation Of Faith in the Promised Imam MehdiPBUH 

                                                         "I affirm my faith in the Promised MAHDI 
                                                            Who came (to the world) and left
                                                 He is our Imam (Spiritual Leader) and Caliph of God
                                                       We believe in him as our Imam and confirm."



                                        The Articles of Faith were rendered into English  by:
                                Hazrat Maulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla Tashreefullahi 

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#3 shaikhnazir09@yahoo.com 2012-08-22 03:45
bayan imamna mahdimaud alysalam
#2 shaikhnazir09@yahoo.com 2012-08-22 03:44
bayan imamna mahdimaud alysalam
+1 #1 Wing Commander Mohamood Khan 2010-11-03 20:06
Can this site be seen by non-Mhdavis? If so how can they see?
One known person who is basically Ahl-e-Sunnat from Bidar has now joined Jamat-e-Islami since last two years.is taking interest in Mahdaviat. He is with us in Karnataka Muslim Muttehida Mahaz, which mainly guides all Muslims in the elections and take sime important issues with Govt.It has all leaders of all Maslaks, as members. We two repersent Jamat-e-Mahdavi a.Our ulema are the Surprust along with others,whose final O.K is obtained on the list of candidates before anouncement.My friend has a BookWare shop behind J.C.Nagar Police Station where he sells his books,do printing and also has a library. When he expressed his desire to keep our books also we have, with the permission of the writer, given two sets of Taaruf-e-Mahdia th and Qatim-e-Nabiyee n-one for circulation and the other set for giving to those who visit and read in his library.He has put a small write up, after our approval, of the visit of KMMM to Haz.Mashaiq Syed Meeranji Abid Khundmiri Saheb at Channapatna, in his portal WWW.karnatakamuslims.com.(you can view it now in archives). After seeing this one of the Muslim Org. of Delhi has proposed to him to do a detailed study of all Muslims of Karnataka and submit the same with in 2 months for which he has offered to give a fellowship of Rs.50,000 to him. My friend wanted to know what is Mahdaviat their aqeeda etc. as those books given by us,have not given those. He wants to publish a feature in his portal on Mahdaviat with their population with their practices etc. If it is readily available and permission is given to hand over to him it would be done. We are also trying to obtain more books of Haz.Hafiz Fazluullah Miyan Saheb,Haz. Shamsi Saheb and others for keeping in his library. This would be given on recipt. We feel we have to do tableeq in this way to start with.
Few months ago in one of the Mahdavia web site a book on Ijtema-e-Mahdi AS and Isa As was posted. This has by mistake been deleted automatically from my folder during transfer. If this is given to me again we may ask him to put it in in his laibrary.
We regularly, every week, give a murasila titled"Beruni Mumalik Mein Rast and Muft Bhartiyan"in Salar, Siasat,Bangalor e, Salar Hubli, Inqilab-e-Dacca n- Gulberga giving our full name, Muslim Mahdavia forum, Shivajinagar-Ba ngalore-51 with our Mobile number:98458119 97 under neath which is also published. We get lot of calls from Ulema of Devbund(Qasimi) Ahle-Sunnat-o-J amat, Ahle Hadees and the public who is conversent with our name and organisation.Th is is being published since many years despite issue of Fatwa against us by the Qasimi ulema. In Mahaz meeting we all sit together and openly discuss including with their ulema and Qasimi ulema.This two activities ,by the grace of Almighty Allah is nullifying the effect of their wrong fatwas as the general public and their ulema are in contact with us regularly.
Please give your comments/answers.
Wing Commander Mohamood Khan(Retd).4 Nov 10.
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