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Why Do We Observe This Tradition on The 10th of Muharram Every Year?

Some ritual practices observed traditionally by our community are very simple and easy to perform but carry a lot of significance. To ask forgiveness for our words and deeds which might have hurt or offended our fellow-beings is a simple thing but it works a lot to clear the atmosphere of hatred and animosity among the Brothers and Sisters in Faith. Even where there is no animosity it brings about a person to person mutual understanding. It promotes harmony and peace among members of the community.


Tomorrow will be the first of Jamada 1st 1432H and the Milad (Birthday) of Our Beloved, Revered Imam, and The Promised Mahdi SAS will be on the 14th of Jamada I. This humble Faqueer reminds you the famous saying of our Imam AS.
Ba Amal Maqbool Wo Be Amal Mardood.
One who practices is acceptable and one who does not is rejected.

In view of this saying of the Imam AS, let us observe the Fortnight i.e. from 1st to 14th Jamada I, as a fortnight to follow the faith. Hence in the name of Allah we make a firm resolve to practice our religion during the fortnight. I think the purpose will be fulfilled if we make a sincere effort to practice the following:

          The greatest and the Last of all Prophets of God, Muhammed  (May Allah bless & give him peace) Prophesied that after him a Caliph of God  will come. He would bear the Prophet's name and his father's name would be Prophet's father's name and that he will walk  on the footprints of the Prophet without a flaw. He would revive the Faith and fill the land with justice and equity at the time when it would be filled with injustice. He asked how my Ummah will perish when I am in the beginning, Jesus, the Christ at the End and Mahdi from my House will be in between.

Hazrath Ali Rz was the fourth Caliph who succeeded  the Prophet pbuh.Hazrat Ali Rz was the son of Hazrath Abu Talib Rz , a prominent Chieftian of Quraish and Custodian of the Holy Ka'bah.  Hazrath Abu Talib Rz was the son of Hazrath Abdul Muttalib Rz , who was the son of Hazrath Hashim Rz , Hazrath Hashim Rz was a great man of his time and his descendants came to be known as Banu Hashim.  Hazrat Ali's mother was Bibi Fatima Rz . She was the daughter of Hazrath Asad Rz who was a son of Hazrath Hashim Rz.  Thus, both the father and mother of Hazrat Ali Rz  belonged to Banu  Hashim, and that was a great honour amongst the Arabs.

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