Follow the Faith--Fortnight


Tomorrow will be the first of Jamada 1st 1432H and the Milad (Birthday) of Our Beloved, Revered Imam, and The Promised Mahdi SAS will be on the 14th of Jamada I. This humble Faqueer reminds you the famous saying of our Imam AS.
Ba Amal Maqbool Wo Be Amal Mardood.
One who practices is acceptable and one who does not is rejected.

In view of this saying of the Imam AS, let us observe the Fortnight i.e. from 1st to 14th Jamada I, as a fortnight to follow the faith. Hence in the name of Allah we make a firm resolve to practice our religion during the fortnight. I think the purpose will be fulfilled if we make a sincere effort to practice the following:

1. Offer Salaats on time:

Let us not miss a single Salaat (Namaz) during this fortnight. If we miss a Salaat for any reason, we should not go to bed without offering a make-good (Qaza) Salaat. This should be observed as far as possible with utmost devotion and love for Our Lord, Allah.

2. Try to keep remembering God:

Keep performing Zikrullah under the breath as often as possible and especially after the Fajr prayer to the sunrise and after the Asr prayer to the Sunset. The purpose of this effort is to bring the attention of our heart to the Lord, Allah. If we forget this for some time we should start again immediately upon remembering.

3. Pay Zakaat and Ushr:

The benefit of the above two forms of worship remains confined to the performer himself. But the benefit of obligatory charities does not remain confined to the doer himself but it goes to our deserving fellow beings. So whatever we earn and save by the Grace of Our Beloved Munificent God, we should set apart Ushr and Zakaat and pay to the most deserving fellow beings. This form of worship pleases God most.

4. Recite Quran:

Please find time to read Quran for sometime everyday during the fortnight. Read at least seven verses of the Book of God with meaning and with an intention to obey what it teaches.

5. Help fellow-beings:

During this fortnight we should try to help our fellow-beings, especially the sick and the aged, in whatever possible manner we can. If not anything at least enquire about their well-being.

If we succeed in implementing this program, this may by the Grace of Our Lord become our career (routine) throughout the life and perhaps this is the true way of observing the Milad of our Great Imam AS whose message to the mankind is to Love God and seek His Vision during our lifetime.

May Allah help & guide one & all, especially we Mahdavies wherever we live in the world to follow the Faith.

Your Brother In Faith,
Faqueer Abulfatah Syed Nusrat