How A Prophecy Of The Last Prophet (SAS) Came True


          The greatest and the Last of all Prophets of God, Muhammed  (May Allah bless & give him peace) Prophesied that after him a Caliph of God  will come. He would bear the Prophet's name and his father's name would be Prophet's father's name and that he will walk  on the footprints of the Prophet without a flaw. He would revive the Faith and fill the land with justice and equity at the time when it would be filled with injustice. He asked how my Ummah will perish when I am in the beginning, Jesus, the Christ at the End and Mahdi from my House will be in between.
         All his Prophecies contained in the sound traditions( Sahi Ahadith) came true with the coming of Hz. Meeran  Syed Muhammed , the son of Hz.Meeran Syed Abdullah.

           He was born on Monday, the 14th Jamada 847 H in the city of Jaunpur in India.

              A famous Saint and Scholar Hz. Shah Daniyal heard  unknown voices reciting

                                 "وَقُلۡ جَآءَ ٱلۡحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ ٱلۡبَـٰطِلُ‌ۚ إِنَّ ٱلۡبَـٰطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقً۬ا "
      And say: Truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished away
                     Lo! falsehood is ever bound to vanish                                             
Holy Qur'an-Al-Isra: 81

         He felt something extraordinary has taken place. He  thought Imam Mehdi, the Promised might have taken birth. In the next morning he learnt that a baby boy has taken birth in the household of Hz. Meeran Syed Abdullah. He went to Meeran Syed Abdullah's house. Hz.Meeran Syed Abdullah informed him that he was blessed with a baby boy last night. And he had seen the Prophet Muhammed AS in his dream. The Prophet instructed him in the dream to give the baby my name. Accordingly, I named the baby as Syed Muhammed.

         Hz. Syed Muhammed was sent to the school of Hz. Shah Daniyal.He by-hearted the whole of Quran at the age of 7 and completed the entire course of education by the time he was 12 years. Then he started calling people towards practicing Islam. His discourses were very much appreciated by  the masses.

            At the age of 40, he left Jaunpur and started the journey towards Mecca. He used to present Quran to the people and call them  towards Love of God and the Aspiration of His Vision.

               In 901H he performed Hajj and after Hajj in obedience to the command of Allah he declared for the first time from the Pulpit(Mimber)," I am the Promised Mahdi (Mahdi E Maud)".

               After coming back to India he continued his mission of calling people towards Allah. He carried out his call towards Allah and His Love in India and  then moved to Afghanistan and reached Farah , a city in Afghanistan. His Bayan of Quran was a Miracle. Whoever heard him, Love of God kindled in his heart and he became a true devotee of Allah. The hearts of thousands and thousands of people from Jaunpur to Farah were filled with Love of God. The King of Afghanistan selected four top scholars of his country & sent them to verify the claim of the Imam AS to be the Promised Mahdi. They came and after listening to Bayan of the Imam AS all the four expressed Fealty(Bai-ath ) and instead of going back they sent their report to the King saying we found Imam AS , as the true  Promised Mahdi and the King too may accept him as the Promised Mahdi.  They decided to remain in the company of  Imam AS.

         The Prime Minister,  Mir Zunoon came to find out if he was a true Imam Mehdi, the Prime Minister told the Imam AS  that it is established from various traditions (Ahadith) of the Prophet SAS that no sword will cut the Promised Mahdi. Imamuna AS  handed over his own sword to Mir Zunoon and said take this and try.

          Mir Zunoon raised the sword and tried to strike at  Imam AS but his hand was held up by some unseen force. He tried his level best to strike but his hand would not come down. He tried to strike with his full might three times and every time his hand was held by some unseen force. Finally, he dropped the sword and fell on the feet of the Imam AS and accepted him as True Mahdi.    

             The Prime Minister and a number of prominent persons had already accepted him as the Promised Mahdi after verification. The King of Afghanistan became his devotee and left the capital Herat to come and see him in Farah. But he died on his way to Farah. The Imam AS  was informed by Allah about his demise. The Imam performed the funeral prayer  in absence (Gayab'ana Namaz e Janaza)  for the King in Farah.

                 Almost the entire population of Afghanistan including the King accepted the Promised Mahdi AS.

           He lived for 63 years. After fulfilling his divine mission of calling people towards Allah as Prophesied by the Last of  all the Prophets, he left the world on the 19 Ziqadah 910H. This is how the prophecy of Last of all the Prophets came to be true.