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In our last News Letter (e-Note) dated 10/27/2010, date of Urs-e-Mubark of Imamuna Mehdi Al-Ma’ud AHS was wrongly shown as 28th of Zul Qada, whereas the correct date of Bahr-e-Aam  is 18th of Zul Qada and the date of Urs-e-Mubarak is 19th of  Zul Qada. We apologize for the mistake.


It is the policy of Mahdavia Portal to correct significant errors as soon as possible.


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#2 admin team 2010-10-30 11:37
We appreciate your understanding and suggestion.
+1 #1 SYED ISHAQ MAHMOODI 2010-10-30 02:34
Salaamualaikum to All

When you already made a correction and what I noticed that it was totally a typing mistake so, everybody should understand and ignore this but, what I realized that instead of ignoring some people started argueing as well as a long discussion is going on.

My humble request to the moderator's of other groups whenever you found any mistakes try to sort out by yourself edit/delet before posting online as the sites started to provide information of our community nor for creating controversies. Be neutral while posting any messages.
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