Eid-ul Azha - Helping the Deserving People

Just a few weeks before Eid-ul-Azha, a team of volunteers led by SM Jawad from Hyderabad, India, came up with an idea to perform Qurbani (Sacrifice an animal on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha) on behalf of those living in foreign countries ( who cannot perform the Qurbani) and distribute the Meat and cash to the deserving families in different clusters of Mahadvia community in India.

The idea was well received and some members living in foreign countries sent their request to perform Qurbani on their behalf. Inshallah, the response to this noble cause will be manifold and we hope this activity will be expanded to other areas of India next year.

Kudos to all the volunteers, may Allah reward you for the services in this world and hereafter.


Below is the report by Br. SM Jawad from Hyderabad, India.


As Salam Alaikum

By Grace of Almighty Allah SWT the Qurbani program went Alhamdulillah pretty smoothly and achieved its purpose. Jazakallah Khair to all those who participated in it, to those who appreciated it, to those who volunteered and executed this program in a most humble, dedicated, passionate manner with sincerity and responsibly. We highly appreciate the help extended by many in Hyderabad, Lalgarhi, Ghatkesar, Channapatna, Bhadravati (Shimoga district, Karnataka), Humnabad, Pindiyal and Jaipur.

17th November, 2010 10th Zul Hijja
2 cows were sacrificed. Beef (approximately between 190-220kgs) was packed in 80 packets.

There are about 80 houses of Mehdavis there and parcels were distributed in all of those 80 deserving (Mustahaq) Mahdavi houses.

There are 2 dairas in Humnabad and 3 Mehdavia mosques but no Murshideen.

For pictures click the link below. First 9 pics are from Humnabad.


18th November, 2010 11th Zul Hijja
1. Lalgadi
8 goats were sacrificed. Mutton (approximately between 80-90kgs) was packed in about 100 packets. The skin was donated to Mahdavi youth from Musheerabad who were collecting the skins for the various construction work at Noorghat Daira, Hyderabad.

60 packets were distributed to about 60 deserving (Mustahaq) Mehdavis in Lalgadi (including 16 people belonging to Ahl e Sunnat wal Jamaat because these are the people who are poor plus our Mehdavi brothers - Maqsood bhai, Nusrat bhai and Arshad Ishaqui are talking to them and presenting the Deen in its actual form as guided by Imamuna Mehdi Maoud AS and from these people only we have got 37 recently converted Mehdavis about which a detailed report written in Urdu by Hzt Syed Mushtaq Sahab and translated by me follows this email).

Cash was distributed to 25 Mehdavi households in Lalgadi including few Widows.

Click on the link below and see the Qurbani and distribution at Lalgadi


2. Ghatkesar
From Lalgadi we moved to Ghatkesar and 40 packets were distributed to about 40 deserving (Mustahaq) Mahdavis over there.

Plus Cash was distributed to 6 Mustahaq Mahdavis.

Click on the link below and see the Qurbani and distribution at Ghatkesar


3. Hyderabad
As a late revision of instructions from one person, some packets were distributed to Mustahaq Mahdavi houses in and around Chanchalguda after 10 pm.

A total of Rs 10,000 was distributed as cash in Lalgadi and Ghatkesar.

19th November, 2010 12th Zul Hijja
1. Pindiyal
2 cows were sacrificed on the third day of Zul Hijja at Pindiyal, Andhra Pradesh. Between 190-210 kgs of Beef was packed in packets and these packets were distributed to 600 deserving (Mustahaq) Mehdavi houses. There are about 6000 Mehdavis residing in 1300 houses in Pindiyal.

Local people helped in this noble exercise.

There are 2 dairas, 8 mosques and 7 Murshideens in Pindiyal.

For Qurbani at Pindiyal pictures click the link below. Except for the first 9 pics, the rest are from Pindiyal.


2. Bhadravati, Shimoga District, About 400kms from Channapatna, Karnataka
1 cow was sacrificed on the third day of Zul Hijja at Bhadravati at Bhadravati and beef (about 110 kgs) was packed in packets and distributed to 128 deserving (Mustahaq) Mehdavi houses, including Fuqara e Kiram and Masakeen, in the Momin Mohalla which has 230 Mahdavi houses.

1 more cow was sacrificed at Bhadravati and beef (about 90 kgs) was packed in packets and distributed to 165 deserving (Mustahaq) Mehdavi houses in Gaurhalli area. There are 165 Mahdavi houses in this area.  

A total of Rs 7,300 were distributed as cash to 18 households (about 6-8 were widows) and to one Arabic Madrassa where Mahdavi children are being taught.

3. Lalgadi, Hyderabad
1 cow was sacrificed on the third day of Zul Hijja at Lalgadi and beef (about 110 kgs) was packed in packets and distributed to about 45 (Mustahaq) Mehdavis and few Mustahaq members of Ahl e Sunnat wal Jamaat (as already mentioned above whom we are trying to bring, by Grace of Allah, to Dair e Mahdavia).

4. Hasteda, Niwana, Tigaria and Hingonia, Rajasthan
Rs 7,000 in cash was distributed to 8 Mustahaq Mahdavis in Hasteda, Niwana, Tigaria and Hingonia. About 5 of them are widows.

To watch pictures of some Rozas of our Buzurgan e Deen at Pindiyal and in some villages around Pindiyal kindly click the link below

Sorry for the delay in posting as I was trying to get the pictures as well. Individual emails are being sent to the persons who have participated in the Qurbani program with other details which we have to inform them personally.

Jazakallah Khair to each and every individual involved in this first time effort. Wastey Allah Key Maaf Kar dijiye agar kuch sahi nahi hua to.

Inshallah next year we are planning to conduct similar exercise in deserving Mahdavi communities in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Khudahafiz O Nasir.

Syed Mubarak Jawad

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