"Kuhl Al Jawahir Li Arbab Al-Basa'ir"

"Kuhl Al Jawahir Li Arbab Al-Bas'ir"

Alhamdulillah, one of the renowned book of Mahdavia community, written by Qutb-e-Zaman, Allamah Hazrath Syed Nusrat RH - "Kuhl Al Jawahir Li Arbab Al-Basa'ir", has been published by Peer-o-Murshid Hazrath Syed Atan Shahab Mehdavi sahab qibla (grandson of Allamah Hazrat Syed Nusrat RH), has been translated in English by Hazrath Syed Ziaullah Yadullahi sahab, along with the footnotes of Hazrath Moulana Syed Shahabuddin Moulvi Sahab RH (son and disciple of Allahmah Hazrath Syed Nusrat RH) and Bahr-ul-Uloom Hazrath Syed Ashraf Shamshi RH (disciple of Allahmah Hazrath Syed Nusrat RH).

The first copy of the English Edition was handed-over to Peer-Zaada Miyaan Syed Ali Mehmood (great grandson of Allamah Hazrath Syed Nusrat RH) by Peer-o-Murshid. Attached is the photograph of same which was publish in Munsif Daily Urdu Newspaper on 23rd November 2010 - http://www.munsifdaily.com/epaper/23nov/pages/page7/news1.html. 

This book is available now, and can be attained from the following:-
Peer-o-Murshid Hazrath Syed Atan Shahab Mehdavi sahab qibla Contact # 9395305992 / 9177345992
Peer-zaada Syed Mehmood Shahabuddin Kashif Contact # 9949978699
Cost of printing for the book is Rs. 200/- for both the Parts, 1 & 2 (printed together).
Note: Peer-o-Murshid is on the way to Bhilot Shareef now, and would be back on 1st December 2010. 

May Allah SWT bless all the people who were involved in accomplishing this hefty task of bringing this renowned book in English language, for English readers, to benefit from "this gem" of Allamah Hazrath Syed Nusrat RH. Aameen. Sum-Aameen. Ya Rab-ul-Aalameen.

Report Contributed By:  Syed Khudabaksh Shiraz Daniyal Nusrati


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