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Milad-un-Nabi SAS in LONDON

Jalsa Milad-Un-Nabi (SAWS) was celebrated on 16th Rabi ul Awwal corresponding to 19th Feb 2011 at the residence of Janab Syed Khudabakash Farruk Khundmiri Saheb as planned.

The programme started with Hamd Bari e Taala by Hajira Saba Syed. This was followed by Naat-E-Shareef by Sara Shehwar Syed. Syed Najam Mehdi and Dr Syed Basharat could not make it to the Jalsa, however brother Basharat sent a message which was read by brother Farruk. This was followed by Taqareer by Dr Syed Naveed and brother Farruk on the importance of love of the Prophet (SAWS) under the light of Quranic Verses and authentic Ahadis of Prophet Mohammed (SAWS). Finally Hazrath Syed Khundmeer Miyan Saheb (Ahl-E-Hasteda) spoke about the importance of Amal in the sight of Allah (SWT) and Khatamain (AS).

Milad program concluded after Isha prayer and dinner.

Milad-un-Nabi SAS in CHICAGO

Jalsa-e- Milad un Nabi SAS was organized in Chicago on Saturday, 19th of February at Masjid-e-Hashim, MICC . The program started with a Power Point presentation by the coordinator of “Youth Program” Shiraz M Khan, his team including Farook Hyder Khan, Syed Mansoor and others participated. After Isha prayers Naser Khan, Shahab Mehdi Khan and President of MICC Mr.Rahmat Ali Khan addressed the gathering followed by the Sermon of Peer wo Murshid Hazrat Maulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Qibla Tashreefullahi.

Jalsa which was well attended came to an end with the recitation of Tasbi.
Inshallah, Video of the Jasla will be posted om shortly.



Miladun Nabi SAS in Dammam
Alhamdul Lillah, the Jalsa Milad-Un-Nabi SAS was celebrated on 12 Rabi al Awwal i.e on Tuesday 15 Feb 2011 after Isha prayers at the residence of Janab Syed Shahabuddin Murshid Miyan Sahab at Dammam. Isha prayers were offered in congregation under the Imamate of Janab Syed Nusrath Ali Al-Mehdavi. Faithfuls from far and wide attended to benefit from this spiritual gathering and the celebrations concluded around 10:30 PM.


The program started with the beautiful recitation of Quran by Master Syed Hussain Kamran. Soul refreshing Naaths in their own beautiful style were presented by Janab Syed Maqsood Vaseem, Janab Syed Sirajuddin Javid Dilawary, Syed Shahabuddin Murshid Miyan Sahab and Syed Nusrath Ali Al-Mehdavi.

Also, highly informative speaches were given by Janab Syed Ibrahim Ashrafi, Janab Syed Shiraz Mehdi, Janab Syed Mehmood Tashrifullahi and Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem which served as a wake up call for all of us to embark on action trail rather than just limiting ourselves to discussions and gatherings without any postive implementation and action towards our main goal in life. This was such a nice experience here in Dammam for the first time. the celebration was concluded by pronouncing the Muqaddas Tasbeeh.


Mahdavia News Service: Taher Md. Saheb (Dammam), Syed Mudassir (London), Ilyas Syed (Chicago) contributed to this report.

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