Aspiring to serve as the late Mohd. Amanullah Khan

One of the most interesting contest is being witnessed in the 50th ward in the City of Chicago’s polling. The oldest and longest-serving Alderman is facing a formidable challenge from a newcomer who is about 26 years old.

Steady stream of immigrants, including that of Latinos and Asians especially Indians and Pakistanis, have changed the dynamics of this ward with these groups now constituting more than 60%.of the ward’s population.

83 years old Bernard Stone is the alderman of the 50th Ward, he was first elected to the Council in 1973. He is facing a formidable challenge from four other candidates: Debra Silverstein is the wife of State Senator and Ward Committeeman Ira Silverstein; Greg Brewer tried unsuccessfully to become the 50th Ward alderman four years ago, Michael Moses, a Stone protégé who has turned on his former boss and a 26-year-old business person and community organizer Ahmed Khan.   
Ahmed Khan, a graduate of Loyola University, was one year old when his parents immigrated to the USA in mid eighties from Hyderabad, India. He has been involved in different local organizations including inter faith organizations designed to bridge the cultural and religious divide among Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Jews. He has run his political campaign in a systematic and professional way by participating in debates, conducting group meeting and giving interviews to print and electronic media including local TV channels. He is getting support and encouragement from cross-section of the society.

His family is well-known in Chicago’s Indo-Pak circle for their business as well as community activities.  His parents Liaquat Ali Khan and Irfana Khatoon (daughter of the late Mohd.Amanullah Khan) own and operate a Grocery Super Market in the heart of Devon Avenue which is famous for Indo-Pak business. Liaquat Ali Khan has been an active member of local Chamber of Commerce for a long time. He is a nephew of Rahmat Ali Khan, who immigrated to USA in the Sixties and runs a successful Real Estate business as well as is a founding President of MICC.

Ahmed Khan’s maternal grandfather the late Mohd. Amanullah Khan was a Member of Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh, India for nearly three decades and is remembered for his hard work and remarkable community service. His Uncle Amjedullah Khan Khaled youngest son of the late Mohd.Amanullah Khan, is in his second term as Corporator (Alderman) of Hyderabad City’s Municipal Corporation known as GHMC. One of the leading Indian English newspapers recently reported that Corporator Khaled has raised the standard of public service by utilizing the online social media site Facebook to interact with the people of his constituency.   

Ahmed Khan aspires to serve the community like his late grandfather Mohd. Amanullah Khan did in India. He has worked hard and ran the poll campaign in a professional way and has become a formidable challenge to the incumbent Alderman Stone. If successful, Ahmed Hussain Khan will be the first Indian American Muslim to get elected as an Alderman in City of Chicago’s history.

Regardless of today’s election result, Ahmed Khan is here for a long innings in Chicago’s  community service.

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#2 Mohammed Fazle Kareem 2011-02-26 02:33
As salam alaikum rahmathullahi wo barakata ho,
My name is Mohammed Fazle Kareem from Jeddah.
I congratulate to our whole Mahadavia community and to the candidate Mr. Ahmed Hussain Khan and particularly to his father Mr. Liquat Ali Khan and to his grandfather Mr. Abbas Ali Khan. May Almighty Allah helps him to reach his destination. wishing him all the best.

Thank you
#1 Syed Azmathullah Khundmiri 2011-02-22 15:18
May Allah Help Mr Ahmed Khan achieve his aim and get the opportunity to shine like his Late Grandfather and also Help Mehdavi Brothers and sisters among others in Chicago. Its Great news for Mehdavis worldwide that one among us is gonna make history in a New continent.. :D
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