An Appeal for Mehdavia Jamat Khana, Bangalore

Dear Brothers in Faith,


As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu.


We are glad to announce that by the grace of Almighty Allah (swt), we have entered into an agreement of procuring a plot to build and run a Mehdavia Jamat Khana (Community Hall) to cater to the socio-religious activities of The Mehdavia Community dwelling in south Bangalore.

According to an estimate there are more than 500 Mehdavia families residing in South Bangalore, in and around Bismillahnagar (in a radius of 3 kms). Almost all of them have migrated here to earn there livelihood from Channapatna, Palacode, Mandya, Kirgaval, Bannur, Mysore, Bhadravati and other parts of the country.


As the Mehdavia Population grew year by year, the need to organize taraveeh and Lailatul Qadr prayers in this vicinity was felt. We used to hire community halls for the same. Needless to say that other religious activites viz. 5 times daily prayers in congregation, behr e aam were all non-existing, as other existing Mehdavia Jamat Khanas in Bangalore are located as far as 9 to 15 KMs away. Since most of the dwellers in this region are of middle class families they don't have means to reach to the Jamat Khanas especially for the ladies. But from past couple of years, we are facing problems even to hire the community halls for this purpose.


This dire situation of Mehdavis in this region caused the youth to get together, kindled a flame of desire in their hearts to take hold of the situation to address the need of the community. As a result "Muslim Mehdavia Foundation" was formed.


A public meeting was organized in the month of April to find an answer to this vexing situation. It was unanimously decided in the meeting to take the initiative of building our own place of worship, Jamaat Khana, in south Bangalore. That would not only cater to the need of Ramazan prayers but also would serve as a mosque - for the purpose of offering daily namaz, Behr-e-Aam, Eidain and as a deeni madrasa.


As the phrase says “Himmat-e- Mardan Madad-e-Quda”, The Almighty guided us. A suitable plot was identified measuring 1128 sqft (@ Rs.4450 / Sqft) in Bhavani Layout. Amount of Rs.25,000 was paid as token advance on 9th May, 2011. The total value of the plot is Rs.50,19,600/- (+ Lawyer fee + Registration Fee). It was decided that 15 lakhs be paid in one month to sign the agreement and the remaining amount in further three months time to get the site registered. Our only capital at this point of time was the teaching and practice of Khathimain (ahs), i.e; Tawakkal.


Alhamdulillah, by the mercy of The Almighty, and the benevolence of Khatimain (ahs) we are delighted to announce that agreement amount Rs. 15 Lakhs was collected and agreement was signed on 10th June. May The Almighty shower his choicest blessings on the people who extravagantly contributed to this good cause. Without their support and active involvement we couldn't have reached this daunting task.


Our next target is to mobilize Rs.40,00,000/- to finalise the deal by registering the property. As per the agreement we have to pay the remaining amount and get the registration done within 3 months of the date of agreement i.e; 10 September 2011. The target is huge but achievable if we were not time restricted. As the project is time bound we humbly request every Mehdavi brother and sister across the globe to lend a helping hand and to come forward and join hands with us to build a community hall in south Bangalore to strive towards strengthening the faith, to create undisputed solidarity among all Mehdavis, and serve the Mehdavia Community to maintain our identity as a mehdavi. And help us spread this message to others to mobilize charity.


MMF is recognized by the Ijma-e-Murshideen-e-Guroh-e-Mehdavia, Channapatna.    Click here to know more


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Hope to here from you all at the earliest with an early and positive response.


Jazak Allahu Khair,

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Working Council Members,

Muslim Mehdavia Foundation



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3.SYED KHUDA BAKASH @ SUHAIL,-09964943003.

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