Hearty Greetings to our MAHDAVI brothers  & Sisters all over the world.
May Allah the Almighty accept & reward our prayers offered during this Holy Night. Ameen

On the Ocasion of Lailatul Qadr Special prayers were offered  all over the world by the followers of  Hazrat Sayiad Muhammad, Mahdi Al-Ma'ud, The Promised Mehdi, May Allah's Peace and Mercy be upon him. Apart from the traditional Daira's (Mahdavia community circles) in  India  and Pakistan Dugana was also offered by Mahdavis in USA, Canada,UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar etc.



Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr prayers in Chicago were offered once again under the Imamat of Peer wo Murshid Hazrat Maulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla.Large number of members of the Mahdavia community from Chicago area as well as other far-off places such as Toronto,Canada,Minnesota, Indiana, Lansing, New York, Louisville, Cincinnati, etc. attended the prayers along with their families.  Members of the community from East coast couldn't make it to Chicago due to severe travel restriction as a result of Hurricane. Peer wo Murshid offered special supplications and addressed the gathering. Video will be Posted shortly, Inshallah.

 It may be recalled that Peer wo Murshid, who has been leading the prayers in Chicago since past two decades, couldn't lead the prayers last year due to knee surgery. By the Grace and Mercy of Allah SWT and the blessings of Khatimain AHS, he has fully recovered and lead the Dugana e Lailatul Qadr Prayers in Chicago.

Dugana prayers were offered in Atlanta, the residence of Mr. Syed Abdul Hamid Ishaque sahab.

MONROE, North Carolina
Dugana prayers were offered at the residence of Mr. Syed Naveed Tashreef Ulhaq, prayers were offered under the Imamat of Mr. Syed Rasheed ul Haq.

BURBANK, California
Dugana prayers were offered at the residence of Mr. Syed Ziaullah, who also led the prayers.

Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr prayers were held at the residence of Mr. Syed Khizer Masiha, who also did the Imamat. 

FAIRFAX, VA (Washington, D.C)
Dugana Lailatul Qadr was offered in Jamaat at FAIRFAX, VA [Washington, D.C.] on Saturday Night.  
I would like to appreciate & admire the strong Emaan of Mahdavi Brother Akbar Ali Khan [CC'ed in this email] from Musheerabad who came for Lailatul Qadr Namaaz in a Hurricane Irene [Worst hurricane in US history in past 70 years] to offer this auspicious two rakats of namaz in Jamaat. Jazakallaha Khair. 
Allah Hafiz
Mohammed. Hamedullah Khan Soofi

Central Dugana prayers were cancelled in New York due to Hurricane as result prayers were offered with smaller gatherings at a number  of places including at the residence of Mr. Syed Irfan Khundmiri.  

TORONTO, Canada.
Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr prayers were offered in Toronto at Holiday, Inn as well as Duruz Community Center. At Holiday Inn, prayers were led by Mr. Mehtab Mehdi Khan sahab- senior member of Mahdavia community in Canada and at Duruz Center Dugana Prayers were offered under the Imamat of Hafiz Syed Khundmir Surajuddin Sahab. Large number of Mahdavis offered prayers.

SYDNEY, Australia

Dugana prayers were offered in Sydney under the Imamat of Mr. Syed Shujauddin sahab large number of Mehdavis attended the prayers.

MELBOURNE, Australia
Dugana prayers were offered in Melbourne under the Imamat of Mr. Syed Sabiullah Munawari, large number of Mehdavis attended the prayers. 

Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr in Dublin, Ireland

Inshallah Farz Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr  was offered in the night between Friday & Saturday i.e 26th & 27th. 

Dugana Lailatul Qadr in London, UK
Dugana prayers in London were offered on the 
night of 26th August at: The Royal Regency,  the congregation was led by Syed Khudabakash Farruk Khundmiri Saheb. 

Dugana Lailatul Qadr was offered in the Imamath of AlHaajHz. Peer O Murshid Syed Mohammed Asadullha Ishaqui sahabon Friday Night. More than 120 Mahadavi Brothers and Sisters were present in the Auspicious Gathering.

HAIL CITY, Saudi Arabia

 Lailatul Qadr Prayers in Saudi Arabian City Hail, were held in the night between 26th and 27th of August, 2011. Arrangements were made by the new committee of Hail- Mehdavia Committee Hail City.

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia

 Dugana Lailatul Qadr Prayer were offered in Jeddah on the 27th Night of Ramzan, corresponding to the night of Friday, 26th August 2011 (the night between Friday & Saturday) at 2:00 am, at the residence of Janaab Syed Ali Hussien Tersees sahab in Azizia.

Prayer were offered under the Imamat of Mr. Noor Mohammed Mehdavi sahab, with the permission of his Murshid, Hazrath Syed Dilawer Maqsoosi sahab Qibla.

The Dugana Lailatul Qadr Prayers in UAE were offered in the night between 26th and 27th of August  under the Imamat of Hazrat Syed Ashraf Hadi Khudmiri Saheb( Ruhi Miyan).Large number of Mahdavis attended the prayers with families.

All the teams worked in precision towards providing utmost comfort to the huge gathering. As previous years more than 700+ mehdavis performed the fard prayers.

The excellent arrangments needs to appreciated more than ever as all the senior members are away in their dairas this year. This evidences the strong infrastructure Farah Committee Emarat has built over a period of 21 years.

Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr prayers were offered at the house of Mr. Syed Mohammed Rashid at Jama-e-Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Namaz-e-esha along with Dogana Lailatul Qader ( farz ) under the Imamat of Mr.Syed Shafeeq Kaiser was offered alongwith the number of  families as reported by Mr. Qudrat Pasha

Mahdavia News Service




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#8 SYED MOHEED ALI 2011-09-03 19:30
lailathul qadr mubarak to all aquanul mahdeviaye islam

S Moheed
#7 Syed Mubarak Jawad 2011-08-30 20:16
As Salam Alaikum!

Farz Dugana Lailatul Qadr Mubarak to all our Mahdavi brethren across the globe from USA to Canada to Europe to Gulf to Pakistan to India to Australia and other places.

Indeed it is praiseworthy achievement by Grace of Almighty Allah SWT that Farah Committee Emarat has once again demonstrated good organizational skill in conducting the Dugana Prayers in UAE despite the founder and senior members away from UAE.

Khudahafiz O Nasir

Syed Mubarak Jawad
#6 Amtul Mehdi 2011-08-27 14:56
Dugana Mubarak Tamamam Mahdavi Bhai aur Bahno ko...

Amtul Mehdi
#5 syed shahab mehdi 2011-08-27 04:48
As salam alaikum to all brothers in faith
Dugana lailatul Qadr mubarak

Syed shahab mehdi

#4 Syed Ali Minhaj 2011-08-27 04:46
Dugana Lailatul Qadr Mubarak to All Mahdavi Brothers & Sisters

First of all I would like to thank Allah (SWT) that Dugana Lailatul Qadr has been offered in many parts of the world. We are greatful to Allah(SWT) for providing this Night of Power.

I pray to Allah(SWT) To show us the right path,Strengthen our Eimaan & accept all our prayers & duas.


Mazhab Ma Kitab Allah Wa ittebai Rasool Allah(SAS)

Syed Ali Minhaj
Jeddah, KSA
#3 admin team 2011-08-27 04:45
السلامُ عليكم و رَحمة الله و بركاته

دنیا کے تمام مَهدویوں کو
؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛ لیلتہ القدر مُبارک؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛؛ ؛
#2 Syed Basharath Mehdi 2011-08-27 04:43
Dear brothers and sisters in faith
Shab-e-Qadr Mubarak to one and all. May Allah bless us all.
Allah Hafiz
Dr Syed Basharath Mehdi
Dr Kowser Malik
Bolton, UK.
#1 admin team 2011-08-27 03:39
Assalaamalaikum Brothers and Sisters

Dugana E Laila thul Qadr Mubarak, May Allah accept all
our Duas and Prayers. Aameen

Best Regards

Farah Committee Emarat
Finance Wing
Dubai, U A E
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