Jalsa-e-Shahadat Held in Monroe, NC


Ghulaman-e-Mahdi, a new group of believers in the Promised Imam Mahdi AHS , has been formed in Monroe, NC, to organize and perform religious rituals for the benefit of Mahdavis residing in the states of North and South Carolina. 

Jalsa-e-Shahadat-e-Maqsoosa Syed-ush-Shuhada, Siddiq-e-Vilayat, Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ was held on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at the residence of Syed Naveed Tashrif Ulhaq, in Monroe, NC.

The event featured a number of informative and inspiring speeches honoring the life and Shahadat (Martyrdom) of Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir RZ. A large number of families from North and South Carolina attended.


Preliminary presenters during the event were as follows:

Syed Ehsan Mohammed s/o Syed Sayeed Ulhaq Shaheen (Quran Recitation),Saleha Shaheen Haq (Manqibat),Roohi Shafeeq Mehdi (Manqibat)

Speeches by:

Syed Naushad Khundmir Ulhaq, Syed Naveed Tashrif Ulhaq, Syed Abid Mohammed, Syed Shafeeq Mehdi, Syed Sayeed Ulhaq Shaheen, Syed Rasheed Ulhaq and by Fq. Syed Peer Mohammed.

In the near future this group plans to conduct similar events in which the local Mahdavia Community can gather in brotherhood and offer prayers.

Mahdavia News Service: Syed Khundmir Naushad Ulhaq contributed to this report.