Milad-e-Mehdi AHS in London

Alhamdulillah, the programme started as planned with the Tilawat-e-Qura'an-e-Shareef by Taniya Banafshan Nizami. Janab Syed Najam Mehdi Najam could not make it today due to personal reasons.
Hzt Peer O Murshid Syed Khundmir Mian Ahl-e-Hasteda gave a very inspirational sermon. He expianed the importance of Imaan and Aqeedah. He said without Tazdeeq E Madhi Alayhis Salaam the Imaan will not be completed. He also said Mahdaviat is not a new religion or Aqeedah nor is there any addition in Islam but it is Ay'n E Islam or TRUE ISLAM and he quoted Quraan and various Ahaadees of Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.

Hzt Qibla particluarly mentioned about the Farameen " saying of Imammuna Mahdi E Maoud Alayhis Salaam" and quoted some of them and explained the meaning of Farameen and said whatever Imammuna Mahdi E Maoud Alayhis Salaam said were according to the orders of Allah. He ( Imammuna Mahdi E Maoud Alayhis Salaam) never said anything from his personal self or had personal openion (Openion is Haraam on Khatamain Alayhis Salaam).
Hzt Qibla concluded his sermon on the saying of Imammuna Mahdi E Maoud Alayhis Salaam that .... "Ba Amal Maqbool, Be Amal Mardood". It means that Imaan and "Amal E Saleh" (Good Deeds) are essential for Aaqirat and our Salvation.

The speech finished before Namaz E Asr with Zikrullah till Maghrib.
Evening finished with Dinner and gathering ended after Isha and Tazbeeh.

Mahdavia News Service: Farruk Khudabakash Syed Khundmiri contributed this report

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