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This is to inform Mehdavi residents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that Falah-e-Mahdavia Society has started to conduct online audio visual lectures in order to create religious awareness among ladies.  Second session of this series was conducted on Thursday June 28th 2012 at the residence of Mr.Syed Noor Mohammed Tawqeer.  Hazrat Maulana Abul Hadi Syed Qasim Manzoor Miyan sahab qibla was invited in this session from Hyderabad through video conferencing using modern internet facility to deliver online lecture.   Topic of his address was â€responsibilities of a mother and her belief”.   This is of course a burning topic of today’s modern world associated with the mothers that Allah has laid responsibilities on their shoulders to grow their children according to Sharia jurisprudence.  Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Miyan sahib has revealed all the aspects of this jurisprudence pertaining to belief and moral values.  Speaking on the subject maulana further said a mother plays an important role in bringing a better society into existence.  He said Allah subhana wo ta’ala will not accept any good deeds unless a person does not have right belief and Imaan.   Giving example of Shuhada-e-Rangrez Raz, he said, the incidence of these martyrs reflects their strength of imaan that was taught by their mother.

The session started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Miss Faiza Ahmed D/O Mr.Syed Manzoor Ahmed.  Mrs.Syed Noor Mohammed Tawqeer also shared the program reciting an article written by Late Hazrat Syed Musa Kaleem Yadullahi sahab Marhoum.

Mr.Syed Yousuf Tanweer President Falah-e-Mahdavia Society has portrayed the goals and objectives of the organization.  Mr.Syed Ali Ihteshamuddin Showkat was incharge of this program.  He thanked Maulana Hazrath Abul Hadi Syed Qasim Manzoor Miyan sahab for accepting FMS invitation to address the audience.  He also passed the gratitude to Mr.Syed Noor Mohammed Tawqeer for hosting this event at his residence.  Many ladies and children attended the program.  Next session will be at Mr. Syed Jafar (Naveed) residence and date  will be announced later.

Media Team.
Falah-e-Mahdavia Society.
Riyadh Chapter.
Syed Ateeq Ahmed
Media Coordinator.

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