Idara e Gulshan e Mahdi (AHS)

Couple of months ago, a small but significant start was made in Hyderabad by few committed individuals led by Syed Imran Mehdi based in Dubai. He and his team, after some serious study and consultations with different strata of our community in Hyderabad launched an Idara which they have named as Idara e Gulshan e Mahdi AHS and one of its foremost goal is to impart the capacity of reciting the Holy Quran to the children of our community by our own teachers in our Masajids. They have other goals. Please find here below a report about this noble initiative. They requested me to release this report as I was one of the invited audience when this initiative was announced. We wish them well on this wonderful initiative and timely step.

Idara e Gulshan e Mahdi (AHS)

Where the world stands today, it presents multiple challenges to members of the Mahdavia community to maintain its high spiritual standards and safeguard their Imaan.

The state of life today with its multiple challenges and problems, both materialistic and spiritual, demands continuous effort and action from everyone. Keeping this in mind, we have taken a small initiative in the form of Idara e Gulshan e Mahdi AHS. It is a Mahdavia Service Community group, formed in Hyderabad, to make a small contribution towards the deeni and social well-being of the community.

On 16th September 2012, with the spirited efforts from the well-wishers of Mahdavia community "Idara-e- Gulshan-e-Mehdi (IGM)" was launched with a clear goal of imparting the enlightened religious knowledge to young and upcoming Mahdavia generation. The aim of the organization revolves around the great "Hadith" of Prophet Mohammad SAWS which says "Best among you is the one who learns the Qur'an and teaches it to others".

With this goal in mind, IGM called an advisory and introductory meeting on 16th September 2012 at Markazi Anjuman e Mahdavia. Representatives from more than 20 active Mahdavia organizations as well as some eminent personalities and well-wishers from the Qaum were invited. The meeting started with the Qirat-e-Kalam-e-Pak by Janab Mohammad Naimathullah Khan Sufi Saheb's son.  The meeting was moderated by one of the respected speakers and compere of our community, Janab Mohammad Javed Mehdi Saheb, who is known for his dedication and commitment towards Mahdavia cause.We are lucky to have such selfless and qualified persons who not only give credence but strengthen the organization.

Then Janab Syed Hussain Bukhari Saheb, a key member of IGM,delivered the welcome speech. He expressed his gratitude and thanked all those who attended the meeting despite their busy schedules. We thank Bukhari Sahab that, despite his busy official schedule, he consented to be part of IGM and contribute towards its progress.

Afterwards Janab Naimathullah Khan Sufi Saheb, President of "Tanzeem-e-Mahdavia" and a prominent and dedicated Mahdavia personality and renowned orator, addressed the gathering and assured his full cooperation to IGM in whatever way to make this nascent organisation Inshallah succeed in its goals.

Janab Mohammad Meraj Ali Khan Saheb, President of Committee Naujawanan-e-Qaum-e-Mahdavia, garlanded the key members of IGM as a token of his appreciation and acknowledgment of the initiative taken up by IGM. He confirmed his full support and backing to the multiple initiatives taken up by the IGM.

The motivation and encouragement given by these key Mahdavia personalities augurs well for IGM and gives us the requisite positive energy to work wholeheartedly towards the success of IGM and fulfill its goals.

Thereafter, the founder of Idara Gulshan-Mehdi (AHS), Janab Syed Abdul Qader Imran Saheb, addressed the gathering. He highlighted the motivation and reasons which helped him take the decision to start IGM by Grace of Allah SWT.

He informed the gathering that the factors which led him to form IGM crystallized after he researched for one year and observed the alarming conditions prevailing in the Mahdavia community, especially among the younger generation. He presented his research findings in the form of an "Analysis Report" which received praise from all participants. He also underlined the vision and mission of IGM as well as its goals and targets. Elaborating further on the IGM's Vision and Goals, Janab Imran Saheb outlined the following points:

To target the young Mahdavis, in the age group of 4-14yrs, who are at a critical juncture of their life and provide them with necessary religious orientation, teaching and practices.
To impart religious learning to the target group in the form of

·         Taaleem-e-Quran-e-Majeed
·         Tenets of Mahdavia
·         The life and teachings of Prophet Mohammad SAWS and Imamuna Hzt Mahdi Maud Alahissalaam"
·         The Daily Prayers
·         Moral Education and
·         Urdu Language for those who do not know it. .

The classes envisaged to be conducted in all the Mahdavia Masajids in order to have more students come and take advantage of the classes.
The first phase will start with minimum 10 sessions between Namaz-e- Maghrib and Namaz-e-Isha. The target is to have 50 pupils in each session (around 500 students per day) and gradually increase the number and strength of the sessions with the help and blessings of Almighty Allah SWT.

All those who attended the meeting appreciated the speech of Janab Imran Saheb as well as its purpose. They expressed their full cooperation towards these community welfare tasks.

After the speech an advisory session was conducted where the participants provided useful and effective advices to further improve the proposed functioning of IGM. It should be noted that IGM founding members hai from all Mahdavia localities and has received good support at all levels.

The meeting concluded with the announcement of the appointment of Advocate Janab Syed Ali Murtuza Saheb as IGM’s legal adviser of IGM and with a proposal to initiate the formal registration of IGM under the socio-religious organization category.

Finally Hzt Faqeer Syed Javeed Miyan Saheb recited aloud the Mahdavia Tasbeeh. IGM thanked all those present for attending, giving their valuable suggestions and making the event highly successful.

Mahdavia News Service:
Syed Mubarak Jawad contributed this report

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