Every Mahdavi Brother and Sister knows the high prominent place of Hazrat Bandagi Malik Ilahadad RZ in our history. He had accepted the Imam as the Promised Mehdi even before Imam’s Proclamation at Barly. Moreover, he benefited from the company of all the Five Khulafa of the Promised Mahdi (PBUH).

Construction work at the Rauza of Hazrat Bandagi Malik Ilahdad is in progress. The most difficult task of building an embankment at the river shore on the Northern side has been completed by the Grace of Allah. Rooms for the pilgrims and the rest-rooms are presently under construction.

Hazrat Syed Khudamir Hussain of Dabhoi and Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Ishaqi of Hyderabad are working against many odds to get the work completed. We hope our Brothers and Sisters in Faith will help and support them in fulfilling this task by sending money to their Account number given below. May Allah reward all the contributors. 

Syed Ibrahim
A/C  #: 9890
United Bank of India,
Musheerabad X Road,


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