Humble Appeal

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Humble Appeal for the Reconstruction of the Shrine of Hzt. Bandagi Miyan RZ at Sudrasan Shareef, Gujrat


I humbly invite you to look at the pictures attached:

The first picture is that of the destroyed shrine of Hzt. Bandagi Miyan RZ at Sudrasan Shareef, Gujrat. The Red and Green Silk cloth covers the sacred grave of Hzt. Bandagi Miayan, surrounded by the devotees from Hyderabad, offering respects.

The second picture shows:
    1) Trustee Salamullah T. Syed (white Shirt) and

     2) The undersigned 

The third picture shows the destroyed remains of the washed away Shrine at Sudrasan Sharief, Gujrat.

The Holy Shrine had been constructed many times, investing hundreds of thousands of rupees, but had been washed away frequently by the heavy floods of the River Gomti.   The flood of 1995 brought the graves twenty feet lower to the ground as seen from the pictures.

Last week a team of prominent architects, engineers and railway engineers visited the shrine. The group consisted of Mr. Taleb Khundmiri, architect of Hyderabad, Mr. Ismail Bhai N. Sunasar and Syed Abdullah Engineers of Ahmadabad and Palanpur. They investigated soils and the surroundings and drew out a detailed plan. They also took strata of the soil, and prepared sketches, then forwarded the estimates for construction on the model of railway bridges.  They guaranteed that, if re-constructed on their proposed design, there will be no further destruction or devastation.  They estimated the cost to go up to about Rs.1,00,00,000 ($207,000).

Along with the reconstruction of the shrine, the estimate includes the construction of the following–

1-      A mosque with ablution facility

2-      Separate rest houses for men and women along with attached bathrooms

3-      A house for a Mujawer (Caretaker)


Historical Facts about the shrine:

One day at Farrah Mubarak, Imamana Mahdi-e-Maoud AHS, prophesied in a gathering, pin pointing Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir, “Remember, twenty years from now, you would be constrained to fight a large army of Muzaffar Shah of Gujrat. On first day you would become victorious against all odds. The next day you, along with hundred followers, would be martyred on my behalf and for my mission. Your head would be severed from your body and buried at one place. Your head and face would be skinned out and bones would be buried at another place, while the face skin would be filled with straw and buried at a third place. It is a challenge, a Hujjat, of my Mahdiath. If that will not happen, take me as an imposter, and if it happens, believe in me as the true and the Promised Mahdi.

Exactly after twenty years, from the demise of the Imamana AHS, his prophecy came true on the 12th Shawwal, 930 H.  A war between the Mahdavis and the Gujrat sultanate took place for two alternate days starting from 12-14 Shawwal. The army of the Sultan consisted of 18,000 troops. It was commanded by Ainal Mulk. On the other hand, Bandagi Miyan was leading a small group with meager sources, along with one hundred followers were constrained to fight. The first day, he became victorious as prophesied. On the second day, Bandagi Miyan, along with his sixty followers, were martyred.  Bodies of Bandagi Miyan RZ and sixty devotees were buried at Sudrasan.  Bones of faces and heads of seven martyrs; 1. Hzt.Bandagi Miyan RZ. 2. Hzt. Syed Jalal RZ, his elder teenager Son, 3. Hzt.Syed Attan , 4. Hzt.,Miyan Syed Khanji, 5. Hzt. Miyan Malik Hammad, 6. Hzt. Malik Sharfuddin, and 7. Hzt.  Malik Miyanji, were buried at Pattan and the remaining skins of faces and head skulls were filled with straw brought to the Court of Muzaffer Shah, handed over to Mahdavies, who buried them at Chapaneer.  These three shines are standing at three different locations in Gujrat, challenging the Non Mahdavies, the living proof of our Imamana, Syed Mohammed of Jaunpur, as being the true and promised Mahdi.

The two Shrines at Chapaneer and Pattan are safe with all their art and architecture, but the Shrine at Sudrasan is demanding our faith and belief to keep the Prophecy and the legacy as a challenging proof before the world, since without the third shrine, the prophecy would not stand the test by any non- Mahdavi’s criticism.

In order to honor the Prophecy and keep the legacy in good condition, the trustees of the Shrine, on invitation by Murshid Attan Shahab of Hyderabad, came from Palanpur to Hyderbad.  A Meeting was called for by the president of the Markazi Anjuman-e-Mahdavia, Chanchalguda, and Hyderabad on 29th July 2009; in which apart from the Trustees, Mashaeque Syed Dawood Miyan Saheb and Salamullah T.Syed of Palanpur, several Murshadeen-e Karam and prominent personalities attended the Meeting. After verifying the construction plans, sketches, and estimates, they decided to take up the job of construction as soon as possible.  For that purpose, a joint appeal was issued requesting every Mahdavi Brethern to donate as much as he/she can afford. A Bank Account was asked to be opened at Palanpur for collection of the funds, and a Committee would shortly be constituted of the prominent members and the Trustees to supervise the measures of collection of funds and when sizeable amount is collected, to start the work as soon as possible.  


A copy of the appeal has been forwarded to me, which was presented at the Friday Meeting at Burbank House of Br. Syed Ziaulla and the matter was discussed in detail. It was decided to issue a similar appeal to our Community in California.

A request has been made to all Mahdavis to donate as much as they can to save the legacy, the emblem of Hujjat-e- Mahdi.

We as Mahdavis have to respect both the Prophecy and the Legacy, for that, I, Syed Sharief Khundmiri, along with Dr. Nisar Syed and others request each and every Mahdavi brother to donate as much as he can to meet the construction charges.

We suggest the donation should be in installment basis from the month of Shawwal/ September of 2009 to the Ramazan/September of 2010, one full year. If we donate one day’s salary or income, each month, regularly for one year, by paying twelve installments in a year, we think we may be able to collect more than the amount what is required for this Holy construction, as respect to both the Prophecy and the Legacy. Ameen

Appellant: Syed Sharief Khundmiri, Dr. Nisar Syed, Syed Ziaulla, Syed Asadullah Hussaini, CA, USA 


For the people in US:  Arrangements are being made to collect the money within US.  We’ll keep you posted.

For the people outside of US:   Checks and Drafts to be made in favor of “HAZRAT SYED KHUNDMIR SAHEB DARGAH”


S.B. Account No. 2300 101 1000 5287.

Address of the Trustees:

Br.  Salamullah T Syed.   (Brother of Hzt. Masheque Syed Dawoosd Alam)

New Dairah, Palanpur, Gujrat, 385001


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