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#1 Pathan Sikanderkhan A. Kadri 2016-01-11 02:57
Assalam Alaikum Hazrat,

My name is Pathan Sikanderkhan A. Kadri.I am belonging from Village-Devsana , Taluka-Kadi, District-Mehsan a, Gujarat-INDIA.

In our village having two graves one of Hzt. Bahauoddin Urfe Shah Bhure Rz. (Muhajire Hzt. Mahedi-E-Maoud AS.) Muazzan Masjide Hz. Bandgimiya Shahe Nizam RZ. and one of Hzt. Bandgimiyan Rajemuhammad RZ. (Muhajire Hzt. Mahedi-E-Maoud AS). We are always do ziyarat of both them. We have no any kind of information about both of them.

So I request you please give me any information about these holy grave if it may be possible.

Please feel free any time and call me on cell # +91 9067100786.

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